Style expert Paola De Luca outlines trend vision for 2014+


VICENZA, Italy, September 10, 2012 - Style trends forecaster Paola De Luca outlined her vision for jewellery trends in 2014 and beyond, highlighting several themes including a return to the past, Nature, and the juxtaposition of vivid colours.

Presenting her trendbook forecast for 2014+ at the VICENZAORO Fall trade show, De Luca talked of key trends such as "Baroque Vision", incorporating layers, carved gems, sinuous shapes, and a highly decorated look; and "Historical Roots", featuring signets, seals and images such as the crucifix.

Another key theme was what she called "Nature Illusion", including inspiration from flora and fauna, as well as dreamlike and magical concepts; "Folk and Co", reflecting fabric, woven designs, tapestry, and ethnic ideas; "Decography", inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s, featuring geometrics and symmetry; and "Without Border", representing mythology, carvings and the zodiac.

"Chromatic Energy" will be a key theme of designs from 2014, recalling the 1980s with multi-colour stories, juxtaposition of colours, and elasticity, De Luca said in a well-attended address to journalists and exhibitors.

"The Machine Age" conveys inspiration from the industrial age -- nuts and bolts, and the assembly line.

De Luca's "Base Distinction" sub theme presented chains, braiding, and an understated look.

"Less is more," she said.

The FALL edition of VICENZAORO ends on September 12.



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