Indian jewellery designer Bina Goenka inspired by Nature  

LONDON, January 19, 2013 – Bina Goenka, one of India’s leading jewellery designers who makes exquisite precious pieces for affluent clients, frequently draws inspiration for her gold jewellery designs from Nature.

Mumbai-based Bina, whose designs have been showcased at  India International Jewellery Week (IIJW), uses combinations of rare and exquisite coloured gemstones with her gold jewellery designs, which often reflect the beauty of Nature such as flowers.

Her bespoke pieces are popular with a loyal and wealthy clientele, who value the intricacies and craftsmanship of her timeless, hand-crafted designs.

“I want my designs to be appreciated by future generations,” Bina, who has a boutique at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, told Jewellery Outlook during a visit to London this month.

Bina said she was extremely  enthusiastic about the growing  consumer interest in ethical gold, such as Fairtrade gold jewellery.

She said she supported moves to improve the traceability of precious jewellery and gemstones from mine to finger, but said she believed it would likely take some years before consumer awareness of ethical gold would become mainstream in India, the world’s top gold consumer.



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