Sarah Ho Couture: Introducing the Origami Noir Suite  

LONDON, May 2013 - The Origami Noir Suite is the latest addition under the Sarah Ho Couture brand.

Sarah loved origami as a child.  When she first started studying jewellery design and was given a sheet of metal to work with, her first instinct was to use the same folding principles as she used with the paper!  This was a special moment that inspired her very first jewellery collection, Origami.  Simple clean lines combine to form tiny parcels which hold a precious diamond.

This soon became a design classic for the SHO brand and by taking the concept further and using black gold and Tahitian Pearls, the Origami Night Fusion line became an international award-winning design. 

The Origami Noir Suite now takes the design to another level under the Sarah Ho Couture brand, with an Art Deco touch.

The necklace, earrings and ring have over 4cts of white diamonds, 5cts of black diamonds and 42 South Sea Pearls set in 18ct white gold.

The black diamond strands are articulated in the earrings so sway gently when worn and this feature is repeated in the flexible necklace with the black diamond ribbons hanging elegantly from the clasp at the back.

This Suite will be showcased at the Couture Show in Las Vegas.



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