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  Domino’s Ten Days of Christmas  

BIRMINGHAM, England, October 28, 2013 - With only 60 or so shopping days left until Christmas, the Domino marketing team has turned its attention to offering the company’s stockists a unique promotion guaranteed to help the festive season go with a swing.

In the company’s own take on the classic ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’,  Domino retailers will receive tempting daily ‘offers’ on jewellery and services for the ten days between 11th and 22nd November, 2013. 


“There won’t be any partridges or pear trees and certainly no Lords a Leaping in The Domino ‘Christmas Countdown’, but there might well be discounts on some of our gold ring mounts,” explains the company’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt.

Exactly what retailers can expect must remain a closely guarded secret, but there will be a mix of exciting offers, including discounts, special suites of products, prize draws and giveaways – all available for one day only.             


“We have drawn together ten, very different Christmas treats for our customers, news of which will be emailed to them on a daily basis.  Clearly it is all intended as a bit of festive fun and we hope they will look forward to receiving these but the promotion also has a serious purpose in flagging up some of the very many Domino products that make perfect Christmas gifts,” says Sollitt.

Retailers not currently on Domino’s email list who would like to receive The Christmas Countdown offers should contact Sally Holgate on 0121 237 4937 without delay.






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