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 Progress reported in steps to implement World Diamond Mark  

ANTWERP, Belgium, January 28, 2014 – Leading diamond trade officials reported positive feedback to plans for implementation of the World Diamond Mark, which is expected to boost marketing and retail sales of diamonds around the world.

“So far the World Diamond Mark has made strong progress and has gained support from industry players,” said Ernest Blom, President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and Vice Chairman of the Diamond Mark Foundation.

Ernest Blom, President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses

“The World Diamond Mark will help to promote the desirability of diamonds among consumers,” Blom added, speaking at a seminar on the final day of the January 26-28 Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF).

Alex Popov, Chairman of the Board of the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDMF), talked of support for the concept from leading industry players, including India’s Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC).

The World Diamond Mark programme will lead to greater brand recognition of diamonds, Popov said.

The initiative is based on educating the retailer about diamonds, winning the confidence of the public with an accreditation programme, and introducing generic marketing to promote diamonds and diamond jewellery.

The Authorized Diamond Dealer concept is the cornerstone of the programme, leading to increased visibility of diamonds in jewellery shops.

The international diamond business community, represented by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, will accredit jewellery retailers as Authorized Diamond Dealers.

Worldwide marketing campaigns will add to greater consumer confidence and enlarge the slice of diamonds in the luxury spending pie.

This will ensure the health and future growth of the diamond and jewellery industry in the luxury market sector.





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