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 Jewelmer executive describes how South Sea golden pearls are harvested in Philippines  

MUNICH, Germany, February 15, 2014 – Jewelmer managing director Jacques Christophe Branellec gave a fascinating talk at INHORGENTA MUNICH, outlining how South Sea golden pearls are harvested at the international luxury brand’s maritime farms in the Philippines, and the risks in the business, particularly from environmental factors.

Speaking at the International Pearl Forum, Branellec explained how his father had introduced him to the business of cultivating natural seawater pearls.

He described the intricate process in which pearls are cultivated, the need for a pristine seawater environment and the threats to the environment of higher levels of carbon dioxide in the water, rising sea levels and more violent weather phenomenons.

“Man works in symbiosis with Nature to create the world’s only living gem,” he said.

The recent typhoon that struck the Philippines hurt production and facilities which are now being rebuilt.

After the delicate process of cultivating pearls over years finally reaches time to harvest, just one percent of a harvest will meet the highest specifications, Branellec said.




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