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 SIGNATURE MUMBAI: SGL offers diamond education in various Indian cities  

MUMBAI, February 22, 2014 – SIGNATURE exhibitor Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL), one of the leading diamond jewellery grading companies in India, is offering diamond education to students in various Indian cities, enabling students to judge clarity, colour and cut of rounds and fancy shaped diamonds.

SGL gemmologist Claudia Domante at SIGNATURE Mumbai

SGL’s Diamond Grading Professional diploma, a six-week course, will create opportunities for students to become diamond graders, a route to becoming wholesalers, dealers or buyers, or to develop other careers in the industry.

The 5-day Qualified Diamond Grader course shows how diamonds are graded in line with international standards.

The Diamond Grading Professional course teaches students the use of gemmological tools and how to estimate the diamond weight in jewellery.

Students will learn how to separate natural diamonds from simulants, and how to detect treatments using 10X loupe.

The course is taught by Italian graduate gemmologist Claudia Domante, who received her qualifications from grading bodies GIA and HRD.

The staging of the courses in different Indian cities, makes the courses more accessible to students who cannot afford to re-locate to a major centre such as Mumbai for six weeks, Domante told Jewellery Outlook at SGL’s stand at SIGNATURE Mumbai (February 21-24, 2014).

She said courses were scheduled to take place in coming months in cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

A Diamond Grading Professional course will begin in Coimbatore in early March.

Enquiries should be addressed to: india@solitaire-labs.com




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