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 SIGNATURE MUMBAI-Diamond jewellery brand Unrounds favours contemporary classic style

MUMBAI, February 23, 2014 – Mumbai-based diamond jewellery brand Unrounds is betting on the appeal of fancy shapes to young customers and says contemporary classic style is becoming increasingly popular in bridal sales.

Speaking beside his stand at SIGNATURE Mumbai, Marketing Manager Keyur Rach said contemporary style with a classic twist was now much sought after by young people in India.

“In bridal, colour stones are moving out a little. And now we feel that contemporary classic designs with more fancy shape gems are being used together,” Rach said, referring to several shapes including princess, heart, oval and cushion cut diamonds.

Unrounds, which exhibits at a number of international trade fairs during the year, specialises in diamond shapes in jewellery that are not round in the main stones of designs.

SIGNATURE ends on February 24, 2014.




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