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 BASELWORLD: Esmé jewel collection inspired by DNA and Change  

March 2014 - Esmé celebrates its parent company Aspire Designs’ 15th anniversary with a new collection of precious jewellery, inspired by DNA, the building blocks of life, and Change.

Esmé, derived from the French word “to love”, aimer, represents the innocence and purity of a woman’s heart.

The latest collection of Esmé Fashion and Esmé Classic jewels, to be presented at BASELWORLD, is all about Change in Nature, in parallel with the changes that lie ahead for Aspire Designs.

“Esmé jewels are created with a unique style and a fashionable touch,” said Aspire Designs’ owner David Shah, referring to the new collection of jewels made of 18-carat gold, diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

“Precious and semi-precious stones, and diamonds are combined to form Nature-inspired shapes with a sophisticated feel and soft contours.”

The Esmé design team has developed two new concepts, “DNA” and “Change”, across 15 new sets or pieces in this anniversary collection.

The layout of the new pieces resembles a strand of DNA, the building blocks of life.

The designers see DNA as representing the future Development (D) of Aspire Designs Ltd, Non-stop growth of the company (N), and the determined Attempt (A) to bring in innovative new designs.

The combination of the rings provides a fashion statement for the wearer who wishes to mix and match in an unusual way.

Typical Esmé customers are fashion-conscious women aged 20-40, who are looking for a competitively priced product.

Compared to Aspire Designs’ luxury brand MVee Haute Jewellery, Esmé Fashion jewels are more affordable, and are distinctive for their curved shapes.

“This collection is great news for younger diamond jewellery lovers who appreciate fashion jewellery very much but want pricing to be more competitive,” Mr Shah said.




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