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 GJEPC–India launches business development campaign to the Americas

LAS VEGAS, May 31, 2014  – India’s premier gem and jewellery organization, the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council-India (GJEPC), has announced a new multi-level business development campaign focused on the U.S., Canadian and South American markets.

The purpose of the campaign is to reinvogorate, strengthen and expand GJEPC’s business development efforts and build relationships between India’s key jewellery industry companies and individuals and their counterparts in these American markets.

India’s gem & jewellery exports to the USA stood at US$ 4.79 bn in 2013, compared to US$ 4.03 bn in 2012, indicating an increase year-on-year from 11% in 2012 to 13% in 2013.

What is noteworthy is that the majority of the leading U.S. traders are serviced by Indian manufacturers re-instating India’s commitment to produce the most exquisite and desirable jewellery pieces.

First, the Council is setting up a series of in-depth Business Development Conferences (BDCs) so the GJEPC-India and its colleagues in the Americas will have opportunities to meet in person, discuss issues and find solutions.

Next, the groups will work on developing “best practices” towards today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

The third step is to create an atmosphere that is continually replenishing and reinvigorating vendor/client relations with face-to-face meetings and social events designed to create new ideas and engender even stronger business partnerships and personal ties.

Fourth, the BDCs will let both groups listen to important and relevant keynote topics presented for thoughtful discussions between the colleagues as they work to build new and profitable economic bridges and enhance personal relationships.

Additionally, the Council plans to sponsor additional activities that will support and bolster this work as the campaign goes forward.

GJEPCAccording to GJEPC–India Chairman Vipul Shah,“We know that the U.S., Canadian and South American markets are uniquely important to our Indian gem and jewellery industry.

“India is one of the leading and preferred importing and sourcing destination for these regions when it come to gems and jewellery.

“We look forward to meeting our colleagues from the Americas face-to-face to talk about all aspects of the gem and jewelry trade and how we can better work together for the greater success of all.”

The Council plans to hold several face-to-face business development meetings in Phase One of a three-year-long campaign. Besides these key meetings, the Council will host ancillary events to support campaign activities.

According to Shah, the first meeting will be a four-day event called the “2014 Indo/U.S. Business Development Conference” (BDC), to be held in Chicago, Illinois on Sept. 5-8, 2014.

Participants will hammer out new and better ways to work together in all aspects of the gem and jewellery trade, including manufacturing, design, production, gem and jewellery material acquisition, and retail marketing .

Shah said, “This September BDC is the first such event held in the USA. For us, this is a significant outreach program to the Western Hemisphere, not only looking at our important markets, but including our colleagues, clients and competitors.

“In today’s world, change is constant, and we hope BDCs, such as the one upcoming in Chicago, and the many supporting activities we have planned, will make sure India’s gem and jewellery industry is tied firmly to the world’s trends, technologies and capabilities.”

“The Indian business community are one of the front-runners in following ethical business practices through various CSR activities they carry out to support social causes including adopting a ‘No Child Labour’ Policy.

The GJEPC through its strong nework and being a responsible KP member has propogated and ensured that the diamonds engaged in the trade are conflict free”, Mr. Shah added

GJEPCThe GJEPC Vice Chairman Pankaj Parekh added, “We are looking forward to developing close business and personal ties with people throughout the Americas.

“Traveling to our important markets will help us learn more about the people there, and how to strengthen and grow many wide-ranging business interests together.”

Also at the meeting, Parekh said that the BDC will “share information about the Council’s ‘Buyer/Seller Matching Initiative’, and showcase the beauty, artistry and production values of gorgeous Indian jewellery.”

Parekh added that they expect to see 15 manufacturer/exporters from India, and 15 to 20 companies from North America participating at the Chicago event. 

The Chicago conference is being organized and run on behalf of the GJEPC–India by Whitney Sielaff and Rick Bannerot of S&B Partners, LLC.

They also organized the Council’s two BDCs held in India.

About the Indian Pavilion at JCK:

The GJEPC will be presenting the India Pavilion for the 11th consecutive year with around 65 top exporter members from the gem and jewelry industry, including studded jewellery, diamonds and colored gemstones. The Pavilion occupies almost 105 booths.

The Council upgraded the look and feel of the India Pavilion with upgraded lights and furniture.

The first new look will be launched at the JCK Las Vegas Show.

The new Pavilion will look more vibrant and sophisticated, adding to the overall visitor experience at the Indian Pavilion.

About the India Gallery:

The “India Gallery” is set up at the popular “Shark Reef” venue in Mandalay Bay, where 8-10 showcases display some of the country’s most exquisite range of Indian gem and jewellery products.

The items on display were handpicked by the Council.




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