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 Endless Jewelry expands rapidly in U.S., Europe  



LONDON, August 31, 2014 – Endless Jewelry, a brand based around collectible charms on leather bracelets, has expanded rapidly in the United States and Europe this year, its owner Jesper Nielsen said.

Jesper Nielsen

Endless has so far accumulated around 3,000 stockists worldwide, including around 1,000 points of sale in North America and the remainder in Europe, where Germany and the UK are the main markets.

Nielsen, speaking to Jewellery Outlook at the spacious Endless stand at the IJL trade show, said an exciting product, and attractive showcase displays and gift packaging, combined with vigorous marketing, had driven the brand’s success.

Endless is constantly updating its range of charms and bracelets to stay ahead of trends and demand.

Endless Jewelry and singer and actress Jennifer Lopez have announced that they have entered into a long-term partnership to introduce a line of bracelets and charms bearing the JENNIFER LOPEZ trademark.

“Jennifer Lopez has global appeal. She was exactly who I wanted,” Nielsen said.

Jennifer Lopez will boost the profile of Endless especially in the North American market, which is currently driving most of the brand’s global revenue.

While Endless is currently prioritising the U.S. and European markets, it has plans over the next five years to enter markets such as Russia and South America, and to boost its global online sales, Nielsen said.





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