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 Lorenz Baumer, at Place Vendome showroom, focuses on extraordinary colour gem jewels

PARIS, December 2014 – Jewellery designer Lorenz Baumer, who has opened a showroom in Paris’s prestigious Place Vendome, is passionate about rare natural colour stones for “one-off” cocktail rings.

Pastilles Ring

“We’re entering a new cycle of luxury goods,” he told a Jewellery Outlook correspondent in an interview at his spacious and elegant showroom, sharing a glass of exquisite rum and a green tea.

“People are becoming more aware of what they want: they want something unique, or specially made for them.”

Fusion Aquamarine Ring

He added, “My clients are very sophisticated. They want very special and unusual pieces.”

Lorenz Baumer is well known for his fine jewels inspired by architecture, with a poetic twist.

He embraces the latest technologies, and likes to use unusual materials in his pieces.

His jewellery includes extraordinary diamonds engraved with images, and use of materials such as tanzanite - and even meteorites.


Lorenz Baumer loves colour, which is a strong feature of his work and makes a visual impact in his showroom windows.

Cardinal rose tourmaline ring

“We’ve been working on precious stones – cocktail rings with important stones, such as colour diamonds,” he said.

Lorenz Baumer has worked with a variety of colour diamonds, including greens and pinks.

He believes that some gemstones, such as spinels, are under-valued.

“Spinels are not at their proper value even though they have gone up,” he said.

Rare jewels can be attractive investments.

“First of all, you have to love the piece,” Lorenz said.

“Then there is a good chance that someone else will love it when you want to sell it.”

Lorenz added, “When you pick a colour for a jewel, it’s about being beautiful – it’s not about fashion.”

The Lorenz Baumer showroom is located very close to the Paris Ritz hotel, which is now undergoing an extensive refurbishment.

When the Ritz reopens, footfall to the Lorenz Baumer showroom will rise, driving an increasingly international clientele to the brand, against a backdrop of a sluggish French economy.

“We’re working on building brand recognition in Asia,” Lorenz said.




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