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 BJA, NAG discuss apparent anomalies in diamond grading  

BIRMINGHAM, England, February 13, 2015 - Members of the BJA and NAG recently met to discuss the apparent anomalies between diamond grades attributed to stones by different diamond grading organisations.

At an extremely well attended meeting with key representatives from the UK diamond trading, manufacturing and retailing sectors, it was agreed that a questionnaire should be drawn up by the BJA and NAG which will be sent to diamond grading facilities worldwide asking them to voluntarily supply basic information about themselves.

The agreed aim of this questionnaire is to fully understand such factors as management structure, grading processes, access to new technology, availability of master stones in addition to staff qualifications and experience for each laboratory contacted.

From the disseminated responses, the BJA and NAG will then manage a comprehensive list of grading laboratory competencies in order that the trade and consumer can have access to a far greater depth of data on which to base informed decisions on the selection of preferred laboratories and the potential basis of the quality of their prepared diamond reports.

“The issue of diamond over grading and the vagaries in diamond grading consistency have been extensively reported on. As an industry, it is vital that we work together to help increase consumer confidence in the purchase of diamond jewellery. I am delighted at the positive outcome from just our first industry meeting,” said Simon Rainer, BJA CEO.

“I am extremely pleased that the NAG and BJA are working in close collaboration to address diamond grading issues. Through the excellent Chairmanship of Michael Allchin, we now have convened a small working party to help draw up the questionnaire and will of course be consulting with the meeting attendees for their valued feedback,”added Michael Rawlinson, NAG CEO.




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