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 Aspire Designs to present fabulous Kahn fancy colour diamond rings at JCK  

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2015 – Aspire Designs will showcase fabulous fancy colour diamond jewellery at JCK made with superb craftsmanship, including two extraordinary flower-shaped yellow-and-white diamond and pink-and-white diamond rings.

Kahn is a luxury jewellery brand showcasing exquisite investment-quality, certified natural colour diamond and gemstone pieces.

The rings, available at JCK Las Vegas, have been made with a special technique called the “Kahn Fancy Cut Diamond,” in which six exceptionally rare, pear-shaped fancy diamonds have been re-cut and calibrated together in perfect symmetry to give the all-round brilliance of a diamond.

“I hope at JCK to win the attention of a key retailer who appreciates each aspect of a fine jewel and perceives it as a piece of art,” says owner David Shah.

“The retailer will know how to bring these unique Kahn pieces to their rightful future owners who will cherish them and pass them on to another generation.” 

Kahn has the highest standards in the selection of stones and in craftsmanship.

Only the most highly skilled artisans in Hong Kong, with at least 20 years’ experience, work on Kahn pieces.

Great care and attention goes into selecting the right stones in shape and quality.

At JCK, which takes place from May 29 to June 1, 2015, Aspire Designs is located at Bayside B-3933.




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