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 Bransom’s new Live Sales Analyser provides instant sales data  

August 2015 - Bransom has migrated its established live sales analyser system to a cloud-based platform to provide a faster and more accessible way of monitoring the business.

Using web services makes data transfer much faster, and managers can track sales by store, by till, and by individual staff within the store.

The new module joins the recently announced web-based Stocktaking system which is proving hugely beneficial to Bransom’s clients.

While it can obviously be displayed on a screen in the back-office, the main benefit of the new platform is that its web-based responsive layout can be displayed on virtually any mobile device, phone, tablet or laptop, so managers can view their data from any location, whether at home or thousands of miles away - there’s no barrier to knowing what’s going on in the business.

A single login allows a user to monitor all stores through a web portal, and set daily targets for each store.

From there, they can monitor overall store performance at any time with instant visual confirmation of when a target is reached, with both graphical and numerical comparisons of store sales.

The data can be expanded with a single click to show sales from individual tills and shows the number of transactions, number of items sold and any deposits taken. Another menu selection shows sales by individual products, a great way of instantly viewing best-sellers.

Managers can also track sales made by all staff, check the number of transactions, and see any discounts applied and overall sales reached. Competitions with prizes can be easily created and viewed in real-time, invaluable in those critical seasonal or promotional periods.

Bransom is deploying this cloud technology on many of its new system solutions to deliver real-time data to any location, adding more functionality and flexibility. It also makes them much faster and more remotely accessible than many other EPoS solutions.
For more info, visit www.bransom.co.uk/livesalesviewer 




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