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 Sarah Ho presents Amaryllis Suite to mark 10th anniversary  

LONDON, February 7, 2016 – Introducing the Amaryllis Suite, Sarah Ho’s unfaltering step into the realm of High Jewellery.

With a blend of innovation and refinement, the Amaryllis Suite has been created by Sarah Ho as the jewel in the crown to mark the 10th anniversary of the company.

The Amaryllis Suite delights in the art of diversion. The suite of technical magic and exquisite craftsmanship captures each stroke from Sarah’s designs to heighten its timeless elegance.

This rare opportunity to work with the finest diamonds enriches Sarah’s memoir told through jewellery.

37 carats of rare brilliant cut, marquise and pear shape diamonds decorate the full necklace made in 18ct white gold. Lacework, a signature component to Sarah’s work, hides like a shadow cast from the precious metal petals, allowing the moment of daring inventiveness to dazzle in the piece that marks Sarah’s confident step into High Jewellery.

Sarah chose the Amaryllis flower as inspiration for the suite for its symbolism of pride and determination, two sentiments which Sarah aligns not only with her own fortitude, but as a beacon to mark the company’s journey to this point.




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