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 British-made design message embraced by Domino retailers  

BIRMINGHAM, England, May 24, 2016 - It is now over a year since Domino launched its ‘Created & Crafted’ marketing initiative to flag up the heritage and provenance of a number of its ranges. 

To coincide with Baselworld 2015 the business published its ‘Values’ brochure flagging up not only the company’s pride in continuing to produce the vast majority of its ranges within the UK, but also setting out its service ethos and its commitment to its customers.

The messages have been extremely well-received by retailers and continue to grow in relevance.

“There is no doubt that retailers have been keen to embrace the story behind the manufacture of our British-made ranges and many have asked us if they can use the ‘Created & Crafted’ point-of-sale materials, which feature the Union Jack Flag motif, in their shops,” says sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt. 

“As time has gone on we have amassed real evidence to show that today’s jewellery consumer is interested not only in the provenance of the jewellery they are buying, but that they also appreciate knowing that it is ethically produced.”

Domino, as part of WB The Creative Jewellery Group, is a family business with a long history of UK manufacturing. 

It is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and its ethos is underpinned by a strong belief in fair play and in ethical business practices, not simply in relation to its customers, with whom it strives to build long and close relationships, but also, as an ‘Investors in People’ company, with its staff.

Another of its core values is strong investment in ‘Design’ and its prize-winning group of in-house designers have created a number of unique ranges which resonate with today’s consumers.

“In addition to embracing the ‘Created & Crafted’ initiative we are also finding that customers are keen to learn more about the ‘Design & Detail’ element of all our ranges. 

“The concepts for Domino jewellery are based not only on global fashion trends but also on our designers’ own research and the zeitgeist of the moment. 
“We find that sharing their creative processes with our retailers, so they in turn can share them with their customers, helps sales staff to romance the jewellery and to close sales,” says Sollitt.

Another strong value for Domino, which Sollitt says has also generated positive feedback, is the company’s strong belief in ‘Knowledge & Innovation’.

“Many years of manufacturing expertise is combined with ongoing investment in our staff and our equipment and this ensures that our customers receive the very best high-tech production solutions coupled with real craftsmanship and hopefully a level of service that is second-to-none,” says Sollitt.

Retailers who would like to receive a Domino Values brochure can acquire one by contacting Chantelle Serrell-Cooke at chantelle.serrell-cooke@dominojewellery.com

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