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 Brisk order flow as Istanbul Jewelry Show kicks off  

October 13, 2016 – The flow of orders was brisk with many booths full as the October 13-16 edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show kicked off.

A wide selection of products were on display, ranging from fine gold and silver jewellery to pearl jewellery, gemstones, tools and machinery, and jewellery display and packaging materials.

Turkey, a key market place for Europe and the Middle East, is the world’s number 2 jewellery exporter, number 3 producer, and number 5 importer, according to the fair’s organisers UBM Rotaforte.

The country imports precious metals used in the manufacture of jewellery that is exported to key markets such as the Gulf Middle East countries and Italy.

In 2015, the October edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show reported a 16 percent year-on-year increase in visitors from around the world, UBM Rotaforte said.

Booths at a number of exhibitors, such as Roberto Bravo and blue diamond, were packed on the first day of the 2016 show, auguring well for the volume of orders.




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