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 New Romantic Jewellery introduces Earth Angel and Heavy Metal collections  



The new Irish brand is preparing to showcase its latest pieces at Jewellery & Watch in Birmingham in February 2017, designer Niamh Patten tells Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.


New Romantic Jewellery is a new brand entering the market. What is the inspiration for the designs of New Romantic jewellery?

The inspiration behind the new brand was to create a jewellery collection for the modern woman, allowing her to express her confidence and independence freely, and wear her jewellery as a statement of who she is.


Our main focus is to create "Bridge " products: high quality jewellery in authentic precious metals, but at a price point that is affordable for every woman.

A lot of our collection feature styles that have previously only been seen or made in costume jewellery, thus allowing the customer to own and enjoy products with intrinsic value in stunning refreshing designs.

What range of collections do you have?

New Romantic have developed two key collections – “Heavy Metal” which rocks a certain level of attitude but does so in a glamorous fashion.


These pieces are unapologetic in scale and presence, versatile in style, and invite the wearer to have fun wearing them.

This collection lends itself very well to layering and we encourage the wearers to 'break the rules' and wear their jewellery in their own style.

“Earth Angel” carries a completely different vibe celebrating Mother Nature as the source of everything.

We use softly hewn stones of the most celestial colours, set in warm rose gold.


Femininity is accentuated and prized as a key inspiration to these pieces.

Traditional and safe techniques are discarded as this collection considers spectrum of colour as an objective, thus setting pink sapphires together with green diamonds or grey diamonds with blue sapphires.

The end result is truly enchanting -- and as mesmerising as nature itself. The contradiction of these pieces represents the complexity and beauty of the modern woman.

It is important to point out that the wearers of these collections are one and the same. We aim to create jewellery for the many roles and indeed moments in a woman's world.

These pieces are designed to facilitate expression and celebrate femininity, the soft yet strong shall we say, the confident yet softly refined. New Romantic's collections are as beguiling as a woman herself.

Is high-level craftsmanship and ethical sourcing important to your brand?

Yes absolutely. The quality of our craftsmanship and ethical sourcing are of paramount importance. All, and I mean ALL of our products are produced in Europe, specifically Italy and Greece.


Italy is world renowned for luxury goods and their quality is beyond reproach.

Greece features because of the quality of craftsmanship owing to the presence of Armenian craftsmen who settled there.

What are you hoping to achieve when you exhibit at Jewellery & Watch in Birmingham next February, and how have you been preparing for the show?

We are looking forward to exhibiting at Jewellery and Watch in February, and are busy preparing to showcase our product to our best advantage.


We have been researching women, style, trends, and opinions to ensure that we create a collection that is interesting and appealing to a variety of women.

We are working on new designs and creating something really special that we are excited to launch at Jewellery and Watch.

It is our first exposure to the UK market, and we hope to appeal to the industry as a new, exciting and versatile brand.


New Romantic is a company made up of women, and we want to be able to celebrate our success with other ambitious, strong and confident women; those who have also worked hard for their own achievements, and deserve to show off that success.




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