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 Domino expands into Far Eastern markets  

BIRMINGHAM, England, October 3, 2017 - Domino jewellery has recently dispatched £500,000 worth of British-made gold and platinum, semi-set jewellery and diamond ring mounts to new customers in Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

The orders are the result of a sales trip made earlier this year by the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Sollitt and Overseas Sales Coordinator, Emma Darnell.

“We were absolutely delighted with the interest which our products generated during this trip and are now reaping the rewards.  It is extremely gratifying to be able to sell British-made product to the Far East, which some might think is a bit like selling coals to Newcastle; however we have found that our company’s long expertise in the production of platinum and 18ct gold and the high-quality of our designs is very much appreciated by overseas buyers. We are optimistic that this is just the start in terms of developing further overseas business for the company,” says the company’s Chairman, Patrick Fuller.

Domino has recently invested heavily in training a number of diamond micro-setters in Birmingham which has allowed its prize-winning design team to introduce more unique designs incorporating decorative small stones.  It is a move which has clearly been appreciated not only by its many customers in the UK and Europe but also, as these recent Far Eastern orders prove, by jewellers much further afield.

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