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 Bjorn Diamonds supplies exceptional, on-trend Salt and Pepper diamonds

  By David Brough





LONDON, May 28, 2019 – Hatton Garden-based Bjorn Diamonds supplies exceptional Salt and Pepper diamonds, which are increasingly sought-after by bespoke jewellery designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Salt and Pepper diamonds, featuring black and white inclusions giving a grey tone, are becoming very fashionable as part of a celebration of “Imperfection” seen across jewellery and fashion design trends.

They also have the advantage of being much cheaper than traditional white goods.

Bjorn Diamonds specialises in Salt and Pepper Diamonds, supplying Full cuts In Round and Fancy shapes, which are very difficult to find as a steady source.

Bjorn Diamonds will be exhibiting at the PREMIER show, Booth 3721, at Las Vegas Convention Center starting on May 30.

“We are consistent and only stock what we can repeat again,” says Bjorn Halpern, founder and CEO of Bjorn Diamonds.

“Salt and Pepper diamonds are considerably cheaper (than white goods.)

The idea is almost the same concept as why people are going for rough diamonds: with rough diamonds, one can get a large stone, say a 2-carat, and still have some life (in the stone), also stressing the beauty of nature untouched, and the same applies with Salt and Pepper diamonds.”

Bjorn added: “One can get a lively, 2-carat stone and be mesmerised by the fire of the diamond together with the inclusions, forming a greyish look stressing the beauty of nature.”


1.02ct radiant Bjorn Diamonds


1.21ct cushion Bjorn Diamonds



1.52ct oval Bjorn Diamonds



1.25ct emerald Bjorn Diamonds



1.58ct round brilliant Bjorn Diamonds



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