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 AIGS extends 360-degree video gem view to stones weighing at least 3 carats







BANGKOK, June 2019 – The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) Lab Co has extended a 360-degree video gem view to its Full Reports and Master Gemstone Reports for stones weighing more than 3 carats, in response to popular demand.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers after introducing a 360-degree gemstone view for our stones weighing at least 5 carats, and we have been receiving requests recently to add the 360-degree video for gemstones weighing 3 carats,” said Kennedy Ho, Chairman of AIGS.

“The 360-degree view makes it easier for our clients to sell their gemstones,” he added.

This is one of the first gemstone report verifications that includes a 360-degree video, generating a lot of excitement among clients.

The AIGS Lab, which is based in the Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok, serves the gem and jewelry industry and the public with a comprehensive range of gemstone and jewelry analysis reports, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The Lab grades, when possible, colored gemstones and diamonds for quality and produces reports to enable both the trade and public to assess their quality for potential purchase.

The AIGS belongs to The Gem Alliance, an informal grouping of gem identification labs, launched by Kennedy Ho, which encourages sharing of research and information.

The members of the Gem Alliance are:

Kennedy Ho, Chairman, AIGS; Franck Notari, Director, GGTL Laboratories Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland; Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, Director, GGTL Laboratories Liechtenstein, Balzers, Liechtenstein; Masaki Furuya, President, Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratory, Yamanashi-ken, Japan; Dr. Emmanuel Fritsch, Professor, Universite de Nantes, and Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel, Nantes, France; and Aurelien Delaunay, Director, Laboratoire Francais de Gemmologie, Paris, France.




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