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 DESIGNER PROFILE - Alexandra Jefford embodies abstract artwork in her jewellery

  By David Brough





LONDON, October 2019 - “The combination of jewellery design and art works well for me,” Alexandra Jefford says in an interview in her studio, surrounded by sketches, art and jewellery books.

She challenges the limits of her jewellery design talent, creating pieces often born out of a fragment of an idea or drawing, recycled and reworked using an overlay of techniques such as pastel upon gouache.

Alexandra was initially inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the post-war American 1950s abstract expressionist painters.


Alexandra Jefford


She works in precious metals alongside a wide variety of gems, such as lapis lazuli and jade.
Her pieces are handcrafted in England.

“I have always tested the boundaries of design,” Alexandra said. “This is the joy of creating jewellery.”

Wearability is a key feature of Alexandra Jefford designs.

“I design around the body. You have to wear something that is comfortable,” she says.

“I make pieces more in an artistic way,” she adds. “The aesthetic is important, and there should be a balance between the materials used in a design.”

Alexandra generates most of her clients through recommendations and sells her pieces to members of the Hollywood community in the United States, some of whom have become firm friends.

Alexandra raised her profile in the international jewellery community recently when she exhibited at the prestigious Geneva show GemGeneve in 2019, in the Vivarium designers’ quarter curated by celebrated journalist and jewellery historian Vivienne Becker.


Alexandra Jefford


Alexandra Jefford

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