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David Webdale designs radiate danger and beauty
 David Webdale
  David Webdale
LONDON, January 1, 2010 – Jewels by young UK designer David Webdale combine elegance and danger, and are inspired by his fascination for the natural defences of flora and fauna.

“My pieces came from the idea of natural defences – how plants and animals defend themselves – a plant with stronger outer petals, or a creature with claws or protective fur,” David told Jewellery Outlook in a recent interview in central London.

“My pieces are designed to be ergonomic in the way that Nature is ergonomic – Life fits into its own surroundings. In the same way, my jewellery finds its position on the human body.”

David, who works mainly with silver, but is increasingly turning to 18-ct gold and gemstones to take his product more upmarket, describes the distinctive feel of his work:

“It is elegant and possibly dangerous looking. It’s a juxtaposition of danger and beauty.”

David sees his jewellery as acting almost like armour:

“It rests upon the body and flows with the body. It’s almost offensive in its defence. The overall look is a combination of tradition and modern, cutting-edge strength.”

Noor Fares 
David is perhaps best known for his male jewellery pieces, mainly because of his distinctive belt buckles in silver.

“I’d like to think that men are becoming more capable of expressing themselves in a jewellery way, without having to conceal their feelings for jewellery,” he says.

He is now working on new pieces for 2010, including two rings, a pair of gem-set cufflinks, a bracelet, a necklace and a belt buckle.

David accepts commissions for bespoke pieces from clients who find out about him through word of mouth, trade shows and advertising.

He says he recently sold one of his pieces to Kanye West, and that he sees celebrity endorsement as a key step forward to bringing greater mainstream acceptance of men’s jewellery.

As David develops his own brand, and prepares to build sales through his website, he has gleaned valuable experience working as a freelance designer consultant for established Mayfair jeweller Elizabeth Gage, coordinating designs ordered by her clients.

  David Webdale
David Webdale’s designs are sold at Baroque, a fashionable retail jeweller in the historic centre of Brighton; Johnny Rocket in Greenwich, and D’Argent in London.

His retail price points range from around 500 pounds to 4,000 pounds.

David’s pieces for men will feature in advertising for 2010’s Goldsmiths show in London and his work will be exhibited in a design pavilion supported by UK Trade and Investment, a government agency, at Inhorgenta in Munich in the spring.


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