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 Gem-A Conference focuses on support for East African gem mining communities

  By David Brough






LONDON, November 3, 2019 - The 2019 Gem-A conference heard a presentation about provision of education, vocational training and tools to East African gemstone mining communities.

An address by Rachel Dery focused on the U.S.-based Gem Legacy charitable project initiated by her father Roger Dery to "give back" to impoverished gemstone miners and their families in key origins such as Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania.

"We are giving to areas of greatest need, providing second chances and imparting knowledge and education," Rachel said.

Many small-scale artisanal miners lack basic tools, as well as training and education about the gemstones that they extract.

The miners often also work as farmers, and use farming implements to dig for gems.

Gem Legacy, supported by voluntary contributions, delivers mining tools to small-scale miners in East Africa, as well as education and vocational training.

The opening day of the conference also heard presentations about diamond deposits in Namibia; super-deep diamonds, and the attributes of tourmalines.

The two-day conference at County Hall, London, ends on November 3.


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