Carrera y Carrera launches "Palacios del Sur" collection at Basel
  Yellow Gold Cordoba Ring
  Yellow Gold Cordoba Ring
BASEL, March 23, 2010 - Luxury jeweller Carrera y Carrera has returned to its Spanish heritage with its new "Palacios del Sur" (Palaces of the South) collection launched at Baselworld 2010.
The Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla lines reflect the latticed architecture found in the south of Spain, and celebrate the harmony in which different cultures have lived together in the region, says Carmen Saenz Varona, Brand Vice President of Carrera y Carrera.
"We are trying to find inspiration in our origins," Saenz Varona told Jewellery Outlook in an interview at the Carrera y Carrera booth at Baselworld 2010.
She said Carrera y Carrera jewellery was distinctive for its use of gold and its sculptural forms, including animals.


White Gold Granada Ring 
Carrera y Carrera jewellery is well-suited to women with strong personalities, Saenz Varona added.
"We go for women who love character pieces and like to show something of their character with the pieces that they are wearing," she said.
"A woman dressed in T-shirt and jeans could wear our pieces."
In an interview with Baselworld Daily News, Nathalie Guedj, CEO of Carrera y Carrera, said, "The inspiration for Carrera y Carrera has always been Spanish culture."
She said, "This year we want to celebrate the very high level of artistic culture that Spain celebrated in the 15th century with the arrival of the Islamic and Jewish people in Spain."
  Yellow Gold Granada Ring
  Yellow Gold Granada Ring
Guedj added, "We celebrate the beautiful architecture of some Spanish cities in which you can see the fusion of Spanish culture, Islamic culture and Jewish culture all together.
"So a fusion collection is very meaningful of what Spain is today -- outstanding, old mixed roots but very strong Spanish culture."


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