Mattia Cielo shows off state-of-the-art designs
BASEL, March, 2010 – Italian luxury jeweller Mattia Cielo uses state-of-the-art designs and technologically advanced materials in four new collections launched at Baselworld 2010.

Ghiaccio (Ice), Iguana, Pavone (Peacock) and Oceano (Ocean) are named after nature themes in Italian: the collections are symbolic of the DNA of the brand which, from its beginnings, has developed its own concept of Third Millennium jewellery via design, technology and craftsmanship exclusively Made in Italy.

Each new collection is inspired by the ideas of Mattia Cielo and award-winning designer Massimiliano Bonoli, using movement and colour to create contemporary jewellery in an alchemy of mechanics, technology and art.

Ghiaccio (Ice) boasts a futuristic design, almost aggressive in its use of stretched forms, but at the same time modern in terms of wearability, and feeling soft against the body.

Mattia Cielo again uses titanium as a material of choice, combining eccentric shapes with light comfort.

Noted for its applications in aerospace and automotive technologies, titanium is an industrial material that is unusual for jewellery. Very resistant and light – a quarter of the weight of gold – it manifests the creativity of bold shapes, showing off the skills of the designers and craftsmen who work with it.

Mattia Cielo presented at Baselworld re-stylings of its iconographic collections Armadillo, Maglia (Mesh) and Bruco (Caterpillar).

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