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Babette Wasserman unveils lines inspired by planets, pleasures
LONDON, October 17, 2010 – UK designer Babette Wasserman has introduced new jewellery lines inspired by planets, pleasures and nature.

Her “Io” range, influenced by planetary and star shapes, features white or black obsidian with silver, while her “Seven Deadly Pleasures” line, also featuring obsidian, comes with charms such as a pistol, representing passion, and a heart bound in a sexy corset.

Babette Wasserman

The pendant in the “lo” range has a clasp that can be put on a bracelet, creating crossover in the line.

“The ‘Seven Deadly Pleasures’ are a really fun collection of bracelets that are set onto beautiful coloured silk thread,” Babette told Jewellery Outlook.

Babette Wasserman

“Each bracelet has a different theme, so you’ve got success and cuddles and treats -– and a heart for love.”

Babette’s “Oeuf” line presents regal enamelled eggs in delicate, feminine forms, with micro settings of stones all around.

Babette Wasserman

Her “Twin Bangles”, which retail for 180 pounds, collapse and regain their shape.

“It is fun to have a bangle that you can play with. It’s a bit like a stress relief!” Babette said.

She says her “Weeping Willow” long necklaces, retailing for 225-270 pounds, were inspired by beading that she saw on a trip to India.

Babette Wasserman

Babette’s designs are motivated by what she would like to wear.

“I wanted to launch a long necklace because I had not seen many of them around,” she said.

Babette Wasserman

“I have a feeling that they are going to be very fashionable.”

Many of Babette’s pieces can be stacked to give different looks.

“By stacking you can design your look – women like to change their minds!” Babette said.

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