Leblas – ethical jeweller offers variety of designs
 Sequin diamond rings
LONDON, January 22, 2011 – Leblas, an ethical jewellery boutique located in London’s upmarket Sloane Street, offers a wide range of jewellery designs which have at their heart a dedication to sustainable artisanship.

Arabel Lebrusan, co-founder and Creative Director at leblas, says her intricate Fluid collection, made with 100 percent recycled silver, exudes femininity and feels comfortable.

“It hugs the body fantastically,” she says. “It’s almost like velvet to wear.”

Leblas’s Heart collection, featuring a delicate heart shaped pendant with ethical gold and traceable rubies and diamonds, would be an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, while a collaboration with Swarovski for Spring/Summer includes a distinctive line using “passion topaz”, a natural stone, in rose and turquoise colours for elegant daywear.

Leblas’s Heritage collection includes the best-selling, affordable Links ring, available for 150 pounds, and the filigree Rosette line in 100 percent recycled silver, expressing traditional Spanish artisanal skills.

Links Rings 

At the higher end of the market, leblas’s Sequin rings showcase an abstract, clean design with 100 percent recycled gold and certified diamonds.

Swarovski Pink Collection

Leblas’s commitment to production that sustains the communities of highly skilled Spanish artisans and respects the environment, is at the core of Lebrusan’s business philosophy.

Wedding and engagement rings

She anticipates that her bridal jewellery, accounting for at least a quarter of her turnover, will embrace Fairtrade gold when it is launched in the Spring.

“Jewellery shoppers will have the assurance that there is an organised body supporting Fairtrade purchases,” she said.

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