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Monsoon Palace collection inspired by architecture, jungle
LONDON,  June 8, 2011 – Inspired by the architecture and jungles of Indonesia and the colours and romance of India, the “Monsoon Palace” collection, launched by Alexander Davis and Amber Atherton during London Jewellery Week, features a range of ear cuffs, chokers, rings, earrings and hand-bracelets.

“Monsoon Palace is inspired by temples lost deep in the jungle, covered with vines, which have not been seen for hundreds of years – yet they are guarded by evil baboons, which are escaping,” Davis told Jewellery Outlook at a packed, celebrity-studded event at sketch, a fashionable entertainment venue in central London.

 “You can see the baboons with collars and chains hanging off their necks. The pieces have a lot of brickwork and vines – and there are the baboons.”

The nine pieces in total, which range in price from around 200 pounds to 600 pounds, are made in silver plated in different colours of gold, with topaz, citrine, amethyst and aquamarine.


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