Iguatemi mall reveals splendour of Brazil gemstones
  Iguatemi shopping mall, Sao Paulo, Brazil
SAO PAULO, July 24, 2011 – A visit to Iguatemi, one of the most upmarket shopping malls in Sao Paulo, reveals the vibrancy and variety of colours of Brazilian gemstones set into fine jewels with 18-carat gold and silver.
Heavily-guarded Tiffany & Co has a prime location at the front of the shopping complex which houses many other brands such as Cartier and Swarovski.
Alongside Tiffany’s signature collections of diamond rings and pendants, display cabinets show rings made from Brazilian gemstones, such as Prasiolite, Citrine and Amethyst, set in 18-carat gold and silver. One Tiffany Amethyst ring set in 18-carat gold was available for 6,100 Reais.
H. Stern, one of the most famous Brazilian jewellery retailers with branches in Europe, has a section at its boutique in Iguatemi that is devoted to Brazilian gemstones.
A ring with a golden orange-brown Imperial Topaz stone set in 18-carat gold, was for sale for 32,320 Reais. Imperial Topaz, one of the most exquisite and rare stones in the world, is found solely in one mine in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Another gold ring at H. Stern, set with a green Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, was available for 71,710 Reais.
H. Stern says in a brochure about Brazilian gemstones that the Tourmaline, celebrated for its broad colour spectrum, is a stone favoured by artists and that it is said that the best-known green Tourmaline brings prosperity, and the red one, enthusiasm and happiness.
Mauricio Monteiro, a Brazilian designer, has a standalone store in Iguatemi, which presented a variety of colourful Brazilian gemstones set in jewels, such as a necklace containing a selection of large Citrines, Amethysts, Emeralds and other stones for around 64,000 Reais.  A yellow Citrine ring set in gold was available for 21,900 Reais.
Brazilian tax rates on jewellery purchases are high, at approximately 35-40 percent of the total price, retail sales staff say.
Among the leading Brazilian retail jewellers, H. Stern and Vivara have outlets at exclusive shopping hubs, such as Rua Oscar Freire in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s commercial capital. H. Stern has shops in Brazilian airports.
Vivara sells a wide range of jewels set with Brazilian gemstones, such as Amethysts, Quartz and Citrine, at accessible price points, at its shop in the Iguatemi mall.
Vivara offers generous discounts on some of its jewels set with Brazilian gemstones.

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