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Franco Pianegonda says his jewels suit self-assured Chinese women
HONG KONG, September 22, 2011 - Franco Pianegonda, exhibiting at the Hong Kong September Jewellery and Gem Fair, says he believes that his jewels appeal to the self-assured Chinese woman who has a global perspective.

Since the 1990s, Franco Pianegonda has been amongst the new wave of Italian designers. His creations combine the traditions of Italian innovation with leading edge fashion creating jewels for people like himself, who consider expressing personal freedom to be a key value of life.

Franco Pianegonda and a Chinese client at the Hong Kong September Jewellery and Gem Fair

Pianegonda, speaking at his booth in the International Premier Pavilion at the Hong Kong fair, was asked what type of Chinese woman would appreciate his jewellery, notably his Veritas range.

"The Chinese woman has a tiger inside her waiting to get out. She looks you in the eye and is not afraid of anything. She wants to show her personality," he said.

"Also, the Chinese woman today wants something global -- something that has a Chinese element, and furthermore reflects art, lifestyle. She is part of a new community that the Web has developed over the last several years."

Franco Pianegonda says his Veritas line is for women who love to explore what he calls their personal truth, and express it with freedom.

"It is a symbol of women who live a full life as leaders, professionals, mothers and nurturers of families."

Franco Pienegonda said he was seeking a Chinese partner who understood his vision and would facilitate distribution of his jewellery in the growing Chinese market.

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