Urban Jurgensen: First wristwatch with internationally-patented chronometer escapement
December 2011 - The newly introduced Urban Jurgensen Reference 11 represents the first time that the chronometer escapement has been used in a wristwatch.
The invention is the result of several years' development work and has been patented worldwide.
The watch is available from luxury retailer William & Son in London.
The new movement UJS-11 will be introduced to the market in two versions.
The first will be with a traditional Swiss lever escapement and the second with the newly introduced chronometer escapement, a "first" in wristwatches.
The first watch with the new movement is the Reference 11, which will maintain the appearance of the traditional Urban Jurgensen wristwatch.
The Reference 11 will be cased in either platinum or pink gold and will follow the typical company tradition of a hand engine-turned silver dial displaying hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve.
The seconds will be displayed on a small dial at "6".

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