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Gitanjali has strategic vision for its Italian brands

Mehul Choksi, Chairman and Managing Director of the Gitanjali Group, one of the largest integrated diamond and jewellery manufacturer-retailers in the world, tells Jewellery Outlook about his vision for the group´s Italian luxury jewellery brands. Mumbai-based Gitanjali has acquired Stefan Hafner, IO Si, Valente, Porrati, Nouvelle Bague and Giantti.

Q: Does Gitanjali plan to buy more Italian jewellery brands?

A: No, at the moment we think we have in the group important and appealing brands but it depends: it could be that tomorrow an interesting brand is for sale and we could think about the acquisition.

 Mehul Choksi, Chairman and Managing Director, Gitanjali

Q: What type of jewellery brands is Gitanjali seeking to acquire around the world?

A: Always luxury products, with fine production with specific features of the countries where they come from. The group searches for goods that have potential, and then we have the possibility to distribute these in strategic countries.

Q: In which foreign markets will you direct most efforts to sell jewellery of your Italian brands? What are your plans for the Chinese market?

A: In China, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Russia, the Middle East, and India. Actually we have just opened an important store of Stefan Hafner and Nouvelle Bague in China, in Dalian, one of the most important economic centres in the country.

Q: Will Gitanjali and its Italian brands be participating in the IIJS/IIJW 2012 show in Mumbai?
A: Yes, we will be participating.



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