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Changing Dynamics of Diamond Pricing

Most diamonds are priced in groups. For smaller diamonds, each trader assigns his own price to each parcel. For larger stones, typically pointers and above which are sold individually, the industry uses third-party price lists as a reference or a peg to price the diamonds. This dependency has its advantages and problems. The recent protest by Indian diamantaires against a popular price list for reducing some prices highlights this dependency. The diamantaires’ ...


Why are Auction House Diamond Sales Breaking Records?

The upcoming 2011 jewelry auction season promises more record-breaking large diamonds and top fancy colored diamonds.  Even as the world economy is still recovering from the economic crisis of 2008-9, it seems the wealthy cannot get enough of these stones. They helped Christie’s and Sotheby’s – which together account for nearly 90 percent of the top jewelry auction market – achieve record sales last year. ...  Read More ››


Creating the “New Normal” in diamond markets

ANTWERP, November 22, 2009 – The “new normal” diamond market will be demand-driven rather than supply-led, but a sustained recovery from the financial crisis will depend on effective marketing and economic revival. Industry leaders at last week’s Antwerp Diamond Symposium agreed that the world’s top suppliers did a good job of curtailing output during the ...  Read More ››

Rise Of The Golden Dragon
Move over India. There is another huge pool of consumers who have taken a shine to gold. Not only do Chinese consumers now buy gold with as much, if not more gusto than Indians, China is also set to become the world’s largest producer of the yellow metal. Shanoo Bijlani and Regan Luis of Solitaire International report ... Read More ››


Anant Gives Diamond Jewellery An Indian Face

In a trail-blazing campaign that has no precedent anywhere else in the world, the Indian gem and jewellery industry has come together to launch a generic promotional initiative for diamond jewellery. The vehicle it has chosen for this is an umbrella brand with a celebrity face. Vinod Kuriyan, Shanoo Bijlani, and Regan Luis of Solitaire International report ...  Read More ››

Emeralds ride a demand wave In India
The Indian consumer seems to have taken a shine to the emerald and the green stone is now the most sought-after in the domestic market, with large stones being the most preferred. Stones in sizes of two carats and above in every shape – pears, ‘emeralds’, cushions and octagons – are currently popular across the country, report Shanoo Bijlani and Regan Luis of Solitaire International, India .... Read More ››


Style Nudges Tradition

Indian jewellery’s move towards the fashion industry -- Indian jewellery has only recently begun changing as both consumers and manufacturers have moved away from the millennia-old traditions that have kept it locked in an unchanging grip. Shanoo Bijlani of Solitaire India reports on the successful merging of fashion design and jewellery manufacture by some of the country’s leading retailers. ... Read More ››

Petra blue diamond sale seen as barometer for auction market 
LONDON , May 8, 2009 – The sale of a rare 7.03-carat fancy vivid blue diamond at Sotheby’s in Geneva on May 12 will be a barometer for the high-end gemstone and fine jewellery market, and top diamond experts are confident it will achieve its pre-sale estimate price despite the global recession. Diamantaires believe the rarity of this internally flawless blue diamond will trigger a successful sale at the auction, where the stone is expected to fetch ... Read More ››

 platinum-guild-international-indiaPlatinum: Still Rare But Now So Affordable!
Demand for platinum jewellery surges as prices drop, Shanoo Bijlani and Regan Luis find out. Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold, according to the Platinum Guild International (PGI), a trade body that promotes the metal. “It is estimated that if all the platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles! Gold would fill more than three pools,” notes a statement on its website.  ... Read More ››

Top prices for exceptional jewels despite credit crunch
LONDON, December 17, 2008 -- Extraordinarily rare and magnificent diamonds are commanding exceptionally high prices despite the global credit crunch, and this trend is expected to continue even if the economic downturn accelerates in 2009. International jeweller Laurence Graff paid 16.39 million pounds ($24.3 million) for the Wittelsbach diamond at a Christie’s auction in London on December 10. It was the highest price ever paid for any diamond or piece  ... Read More ››

Tackling the economic crisis: focus on marketing
December 7, 2008 – As the global economy slides towards recession in 2009 amid the worst financial crisis in 80 years, jewellery sales will come under heavy strain, and the best way jewellers can fight back is by boosting their marketing and branding. However, despite the grim economic outlook, the rarest and most splendid jewellery should command extraordinary prices. ... Read More ››

Indian retail continues to evolve & grow
Despite the global slowdown, India’s retail landscape continues to undergo a complete transformation from being dominated by the unorganised retail sector, bazaars and wet markets to becoming ever more organised and modern. It also continues to show an astounding rate of growth according to a recently concluded study. Regan Luis reports ... Read More ››

Global financial crisis squeezes diamond market
LONDON, September 27, 2008 – The global financial crisis is stealing liquidity from the wholesale polished diamonds market, potentially dampening prices as nervous buyers remain on the sidelines. But inflation worries and a lack of investment alternatives should eventually trigger a price recovery. There are already signals that dealers may be holding back big, rare gemstones, as buyers wait until ... Read More ››

 India’s $9.6 Billion Rural Jewellery Market
 Design and style innovators and jewellery brands thought their target markets were confined to urban pockets in largely rural India. It turns out they were wrong! The rural Indian market is Indian market is huge, as wealthy in parts as its urban counterpart and most importantly just as design and style conscious. A number of jewellery brands now actively target this huge and still largely untapped market, reports Shanoo Bijlani. ... Read More ››