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David Marshall expands Diamond Feather Collection
By Amanda Grateley

LONDON, August 23, 2009 – David Marshall, who built a reputation as one of Britain’s premier jewellery manufacturers and designers, is now developing his own brand and exploring UK and overseas retail opportunities.
David Marshall at Workbench

Based in Hatton Garden, London’s diamond jewellery district, David is working with his team of craftsmen to expand his well-received Diamond Feather Collection, with the intention of offering it to retail clients, and continues to deliver bespoke pieces to his private customers.

His client roster includes retail jewellers in the West End of London and up and down Britain.

“We’re now developing ‘Diamond Feather’ into a much bigger collection,” David, who won the UK’s luxury jeweller of the year award in 2007, told Jewellery Outlook in a recent interview at his studio.

Inspired by the magnificent winged goddesses of ancient Greece and the graceful curves of a swan, and emulating the span of a bird’s wing in flight, the Diamond Feather Collection has been designed to be graceful and refined.

David Marshall Rose Gold Hermit Crab Cufflinks
The light, delicate Diamond Feather Pendant is hand-crafted from white gold and set with fine white graduated diamonds weighing 1.61 carats.

David has extended the collection to include stunning diamond set feather drop earrings, charm bracelets and bangles.

He is now looking at the possibility of working with cognac colours in the Diamond Feather Collection.

The original idea for the collection came from a client. “A client was asking for a brooch. We had lots of ideas, and we came up with the idea for a feather. We developed the feather into a range,” David said.

David Marshall London is expanding the Diamond Feather Collection with a view to selling it to retailers, both in the UK and overseas.
David Marshall Diamond Feather Pendant
David Marshall Diamond Feather Pendant

After 25 years in the jewellery business, manufacturing and designing jewellery for others, David is now making the big leap to project himself as a brand in his own right.

“I didn’t get recognition other than industry-based recognition, and so it had to go to the next stage,” he said.

“Now we’re putting together an advertising campaign.”

David Marshall London would like to open its own retail outlet in the UK, and would consider locations such as the Burlington Arcade in London’s Mayfair district, which has a wide range of retail jewellers selling both contemporary and vintage pieces.

He also likes Mount Street in Mayfair, which is home to William & Son and Stephen Webster.

“It wouldn’t hurt for a few more jewellers to be there (on Mount Street), because it would be a good attraction,” he said.

Mount Street is an up-and-coming retail district for luxury brands, benefiting from its proximity to some of London’s best hotels and restaurants and a feeling of being in a smart village.

Three Tier Feather Earrings
Amongst foreign markets, David will explore Asia, Russia and the Middle East Gulf region for retailing opportunities.

“The U.S. is very tough at the moment,” he said, in a reference to the economic crisis.

David Marshall London would fit well with either an upmarket U.S. department store or a luxury jeweller’s shop.

“Early next year we’ll be looking to go out to Asia and explore those markets,” David said.

“There is a hunger for luxury, and a taste for white diamonds, in China and India,” he added.

David feels that his brightly-coloured jewellery, particularly one-off cocktail rings with semi-precious stones, could do well in the Russian market.

David Marshall Starfish Cufflinks
Although the current retail climate is depressed in Russia, David is in talks with a local partner in Russia who is planning to open a store in Moscow.

David feels that his cufflinks would sell well in Russia – a design featuring a Russian bear and flag would flourish there, just as his jasper, onyx and white gold bulldog and Union Jack cufflinks have done well in Britain.

To help break into the Middle Eastern market, David is considering having a stand at the Bahrain trade fair and selling his pieces in a Dubai jewellery store.

“We’re still a young brand. The more we promote ourselves, the more it becomes obvious that we need to showcase our designs in a concession,” he said.

David said he was working hard to emerge from the economic crisis as a stronger company.

David Marshall Wow Ring - Green Tourmaline
“We are working harder to meet people and make new clients,” he said.

“We are focusing on marketing and branding our products.”

Asked to identify the next big shift in jewellery style, David feels that the ornate, elaborate feel of Art Nouveau will make a comeback.

“There’s a mythical theme at the moment – there’s a lot of dragons and fairies and wonderland.”


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