Domino’s state-of-the-art technology ensures rapid delivery times


Domino’s state-of-the-art technology ensures rapid delivery times

BIRMINGHAM, England, November 2013 – The state-of-the-art technology used throughout Domino Jewellery’s manufacturing premises in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter ensures rapid delivery times of superbly finished pieces.
Hefty investment in the newest technologies, from casting to 3D modelling, enables Domino to meet the most exacting standards required by its retail customers.

A recent visit to Domino’s premises on Vyse Street, in the heart of the historic Jewellery Quarter, highlighted the close attention to detail at every stage of the production process, from receipt of orders, to waxing, casting and finishing of manufactured pieces in precious materials, mainly platinum and 18-carat gold.
“Major investment in the latest technologies and equipment is one of the key factors that makes Domino stand out compared with other jewellery manufacturing businesses,” said Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Sollitt.

“Having such technologies in place, means we can not only service our customers’ needs better, but we can also source more new ranges.”
Along with the latest equipment, Domino has also invested heavily in meeting the highest health and safety standards.
Customers have come to expect a rapid product delivery time from Domino, between placing their orders and receiving the finished product – usually within a couple of days.
“By having state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, lead times are much shorter,” said Business Manager Glen Day, who took a Jewellery Outlook correspondent on a recent tour of the orderly manufacturing facility.

Highly skilled artisanship combines with use of the latest machine technologies to create the finely executed pieces that emerge from Domino’s intricate production processes.
Now Domino unveils as many as six or seven product launches a year, far more than in its recent past, partially as a result of its deployment of the new technologies and equipment, keeping its product offering fresh for retailers.
Hand-in-hand with the investment in the latest machinery and product launches, Domino has invested in expanding product design.
Domino Jewellery pieces, from fashion to bridal wear, reveal the most cutting-edge, on-trend designs, developed by an in-house team of eight people, led by Creative Director Naomi Newton-Sherlock.

The team is believed to be the biggest new product design group with any company in the UK jewellery manufacturing industry.
“We want to be known for bringing new designs to the market,” Naomi Newton-Sherlock said.
“Introduction of the latest technologies has made it more feasible to develop and introduce new designs.”
Naomi and her team scour the world seeking inspiration for designs, visiting international trade fairs from Hong Kong to Vicenza, galleries and exhibitions in leading capital cities, and exploring the increasing synergies between fashion and jewellery.

Day said that the new technologies increased the flexibility of production processes, making it easier to introduce a greater variety of new jewellery to meet retailers’ requirements for innovative product lines in tune with the latest trends and colours.
“Our retailers trust our new launches. They trust that we are making the most of our heritage – more than 60 years based here in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter,” Day said.

As well as the production of Domino pieces, Weston Beamor works exclusively on bespoke orders from retailers, crafting unusual pieces to the precise specifications of customers, ranging from a magnificent one-off gold-and-diamond pendant to concrete bangles.
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