A glimpse into the world of Wallace Chan


A glimpse into the world of Wallace Chan

New collectors of Wallace Chan jewellery tend to be introduced to the designer by his current customers. Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough meets the Hong Kong-based art-jeweller.

LONDON, June 2018 – Hong Kong-based Wallace Chan, one of the world’s best known art-jewellers who has showcased his gem-set masterpieces at Biennale Paris, TEFAF Maastricht and Masterpiece Fair, has a loyal following of collectors around the world.

Chan, inventor of the Wallace Cut, a method of carving designs within a gemstone, is known for the detailed craftsmanship that he applies to his colourful sculptural jewels.

Some of his pieces interpret elements of the natural world popular in Chinese heritage, such as butterflies, fish and cicada.

Collectors of Wallace Chan’s art-jewellery, many of whom are introduced to him on recommendations from existing customers, come from China, Taiwan, the United States, and Europe.

“I am working on many pieces of jewellery at the same time,” Wallace told Jewellery Outlook during a visit to London.

“My collectors sometimes recommend me to their friends.”

Chan has worked with rare natural colour diamonds brought to him by buyers at auctions.

He is now planning a limited-edition book to illustrate his oeuvre and explain his design philosophy and methods.

He is also exploring staging an exhibition of his work, perhaps in the United States which he visited recently.

A glimpse into the world of Wallace Chan