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Jewellery Outlook is a global digital jewellery trade magazine and jewellery, diamond and gemstone news website, based in the UK, reporting on international trade fairs, brands and suppliers, auctions, manufacturing, labs, and jewellery design trends.

We showcase the work of up-and-coming jewellery designers, as well as the latest collections of brands.

We provide jewellery, diamond and gemstone news, analysis and market commentary, as well as features, interviews, blogs, video clips and guest columns.

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Editor and Publisher

David Brough, Editor and Publisher of Jewellery Outlook, first started writing about jewellery when his news editor at Reuters sent him to cover the Vicenza gold jewellery fair more than 20 years ago ago. David was a Reuters correspondent and editor for more than 30 years. He was a foreign correspondent based in the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cyprus (Middle East and Africa Desk), Portugal and Italy. While based in Rome, he won the 2002/03 A. H. Boerma award of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for his reporting on global hunger issues. Now based in London and Hampshire, he is dedicated full-time to a global coverage of the diamonds, coloured gemstones and fine jewellery world. He reports on leading trade fairs and jewellery auctions, delivers Instagram Lives from leading trade events around the world, and tracks precious metals, diamond and coloured gemstone markets, as well as trends in magnificent jewellery, antique and noble jewellery sales.

David Brough, Editor @Jewellery Outlook
David Brough

David usually responds quickly to email and can be reached at: [email protected]; Mobile: +44 7990 568064

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