AIGS gemology school offers unrivaled variety of gemstones


AIGS gemology school offers unrivaled variety of gemstones

BANGKOK, March, 2018 – The AIGS gemology school in Bangkok offers overseas students an exceptional variety of gemstones to study, in courses conducted by highly experienced professionals in English, Chinese and Thai.

“The majority of our students are from overseas,” says Barbara Wheat, President of AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences).

“We teach classes in English, Chinese and Thai. AIGS has a reputation for having the best gemstone collection for students to examine during their studies. Students who complete the Accredited Gemologist (A.G.) program have access to examine over 7,000 gemstones.”

AIGS, located in the Jewelry Trade Center in downtown Bangkok, is prioritizing its on-campus courses.

“During the past few years, we have also traveled outside of Thailand to teach our short courses, especially in various cities in China,” Barbara says.

“We do have an online version of our A.G. program.”

AIGS is seeing rising demand from Chinese students for its courses.

“Due to high demand from China, we are working with more universities and gemological institutes to provide our programs for their students,” Barbara says.

“Although these entities have the theoretical knowledge, they rely on AIGS to provide the practical side, which includes using our gemstone collections in these courses.”

Barbara adds: “The majority of the courses we teach overseas are from 5 to 10 days long. We send our teachers and TAs to implement the course.”

Thailand is an ideal location to study gemology for many reasons.

Being located in the heart of Bangkok’s gem and jewelry district allows students to become immersed in the industry.

AIGS’s location in the Jewelry Trade Center is also a benefit as students can interact with exhibitors in the trading areas on the basement level up to the 4th floor.


Food and housing are cheaper in Bangkok than in many other areas of the world.

Students can choose from hostels to short-stay apartments to luxury condominiums.

Finding good accommodation at a reasonable price is easy in Bangkok.

AIGS has a list of accommodation in the area and can assist students in finding the right place.

Likewise, with food, Bangkok offers something for everyone to fit every budget.

Aside from having a wide variety of restaurants nearby, there is a food court in the Jewelry Trade Center where students can enjoy a wide variety of Thai and other Asian dishes, for under $5 for a meal.

AIGS offers students the benefits of field trips to areas of importance in gemology in Asia.

“All students in our Colored Stone Grading & Pricing class go on a field trip to Chanthaburi, Thailand’s gem town,” Barbara says.

“We also have taken students to visit the mines in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.”

AIGS also helps students to prepare for their professional lives in commerce.

“We are integrating more opportunities to teach students about buying in the real market,” Barbara says.

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