AIGS Launches Gem Report Memo Program


AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences) is introducing a gemstone report memo program in response to the challenges faced by gemstone dealers due to COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has affected businesses all over the world. Many countries still have travel restrictions. Many of the gem shows have been canceled or postponed,” said Kennedy Ho, Chairman of the Bangkok-based lab.

“Gemstones buyers can no longer visit their suppliers to buy gemstones. Suppliers also cannot travel to visit their clients.

“Because of this, many clients request gemstones on memo. Shipping gemstones to clients and back is expensive. Not only that, you can only send gemstones to one client at a time.”

AIGS Launches Gem Report Memo Program

The gem report memo program allows gemstone dealers to send an AIGS report to clients by just scanning the barcode.

The clients receive the AIGS report which includes a 360-degree video of the gemstone.

The video is professionally taken so the clients have a good idea of the color and clarity of the gemstone.

AIGS Launches Gem Report Memo Program

The program is now in beta version and selected clients are presently using the program on a trial basis.

“No picture, video or gem report can replace personal inspection of a gemstone, but during this period of travel restrictions, this can be a great tool to help sell gemstones,” Kennedy Ho said.

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AIGS Launches Gem Report Memo Program