ALROSA to allocate RUB 850 mln for the Fund for Future Generations of Yakutia in 2021

ALROSA Group and the Special Fund for Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) have signed a cooperation agreement. The document provides for projects of Yakutia’s advanced development, construction of social facilities, creation of conditions for the harmonious development and unleashing the creative capabilities of children and young people.
As per the agreement, ALROSA will continue to provide targeted financial assistance to the fund. The Company’s money will be used to solve socially significant issues: construction of new cultural, educational, health care, and sports facilities, teaching children up to the best international standards, strengthening environmental protection. In 2021, ALROSA will allocate RUB 850 million to the Fund for these purposes. While RUB 150 million will be spent on the provision of clean water to residents of the Vilyui group of districts and the settlement of Zhigansk.
The previous 5-year agreement between ALROSA and the Special Fund for Future Generations expired late last year. Since 2011, the Company has sent RUB 7.175 billion to the Fund to solve social problems.
“Cooperation with the Special Fund for Future Generations is one of the most ambitious areas in ALROSA’s charity work. Over the past five years, 13 social facilities have been built using the Company’s funds and more than 150 major projects have been implemented in Yakutia. The new directions that have appeared in recent years are the installation of entertainment complexes for children in small settlements, support for non-profit organizations and civic initiatives, assistance to municipalities in the integrated development of territories and provision of some settlements with clean drinking water,” said ALROSA Deputy CEO Alexey Diyachkovsky.
“90% of all money received by the Special Fund for Future Generations come from ALROSA, so signing an agreement with the diamond miner is a crucial component for solving our problems,” said Vladimir Yegorov, CEO of the Fund.
For the first time, a cooperation agreement between ALROSA and the Special Fund for Future Generations was signed in 1993. Since 2019, ALROSA has funded the comprehensive scientific research of the ecological state of the Vilyui group of uluses and the health of the population. ALROSA also finances the activities of the Sir Uustara Republican Educational and Health Center.