APPOINTMENTS – London Diamond Bourse announces changes in leadership: joint presidency and appointment of first female vice president


The London Diamond Bourse has announced significant changes within its Council of Management, aimed at ensuring the continued growth and success of the organisation. After careful consideration and unanimous approval from the committee, the following decisions were made:

Joint Presidency:

During last year’s annual general meeting, Mr. Alan Cohen, the current President, announced that this year would mark his final term in office. As President, Alan holds key positions within the World Federation of Diamond Bourses’ Executive Council and the World Diamond Council, among others. To allow Alan to focus on these critical responsibilities, and with unanimous support from the committee, it has been decided that, effective January 18, 2024, the current Vice President, Mr. David Troostwyk, will assume the role of Joint President alongside Alan until the 2024 AGM when Alan will officially step down.

Commenting on his new position Mr Troostwyk said, ‘I am delighted my peers have put their trust in me to lead the London Diamond Bourse as their joint President. Working alongside President Alan Cohen for the remainder of his term, I look forward to learning and contributing to the valuable work he has undertaken for the Bourse. My aim is to further enhance the value we offer to our members. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity and committed to the continued success of the London Diamond Bourse.”

This decision was made with a strategic focus on the organisation’s growth and future endeavours, as well as to allow Alan to concentrate on addressing current industry challenges.

Historic Appointment of First Female Vice President:

APPOINTMENTS – London Diamond Bourse announces changes in leadership: joint presidency and appointment of first female vice president

Left to right: David Troostwyk, Charlotte Rose, Alan Cohen

Following the vacancy created by Mr. Troostwyk’s move to Joint President, the committee announced the election of Ms. Charlotte Rose as the new Vice President.

This appointment is historic as Ms. Rose becomes the first female Vice President in the history of the London Diamond Bourse.

Charlotte has been an active and valuable member of the committee, and her election reflects the commitment to diversity within the organisation.

Commenting on her election. Ms. Rose said ‘I am honoured and excited to have been appointed the first female Vice President of the London Diamond Bourse. This is a pivotal moment not just in my career, but for the industry as a whole. I look forward to working alongside David and Alan to further drive collaborative efforts that elevate the bourses standing, and contribute to the industry as a whole.

Alan Cohen President said: ‘I fully support the vote taken today by the LDB committee in making David, joint President and Charlotte Vice president! This is a wonderful move in the right direction for the LDB. They both have my fullest backing.’

Commenting on the changes at Executive Level COO Stacey Aylott said ‘these leadership changes will bring fresh perspectives, strengthen the leadership team, and ultimately benefit the entire membership. I am looking forward to a seamless transition, under the joint leadership of Mr. Cohen and Mr. Troostwyk, as well as the dynamic contribution of Vice President Ms. Charlotte Rose.’

About London Diamond Bourse:

The London Diamond Bourse is a prestigious and long-standing institution in the heart of London’s diamond district, Hatton Garden. Established in 1940, it serves as a trusted platform for trading diamonds and precious gemstones, fostering integrity, professionalism, and excellence within the industry. The LDB is committed to supporting the growth and development of individuals entering the diamond and jewellery trade, and the Mentor Programme is a testament to this dedication.