APPOINTMENTS – Loudr – A Bottom Line Agency expands leadership team


DENVER, United States –  Loudr – A Bottom Line Agency (Loudr), a curated, full-service marketing agency, announces an expansion of its leadership team with the addition of two new directors: Emily Highet Morgan, Director of Media; and Emily Bennett, Director of Finance and Human Resources.

The 22-year-old agency has recently transformed its image and expanded its list of offerings in order to deliver an even more impactful client experience than ever before.

“We’re ecstatic to welcome Emily Highet Morgan and Emily Bennett, who are both incredibly accomplished in their fields,” said Loudr CEO Jackie Brooks. “This team of leaders is uniquely positioned to help Loudr grow and to deliver results to every one of our clients.”

Emily Highet Morgan has worked in media for 13 years with renowned agencies, most recently as a Video Strategist at Google, where she focused on growing the YouTube platform. Morgan takes a holistic approach to media, and is excited to work with the growing media team at Loudr to execute on strategies that are laser-focused on specific client goals.

APPOINTMENTS – Loudr – A Bottom Line Agency expands leadership team

Emily Highet Morgan

“I’m excited about Loudr’s full-service nature,” said Morgan. “I’ve been in roles where you just control one piece of the narrative, but full-service allows us to have a more cohesive strategy. It means clients have access to lots of experts under one roof who see all aspects of their business.”

Within the company’s full-service ecosystem—which includes SEO management, custom web development, video production, paid digital advertising, design and more—Morgan’s expertise will strengthen the media department and add value for clients, enhancing the team’s ability to hone in on unique client goals and deliver results.

“I look forward to bringing new ideas, new ways of thinking about business challenges and new platforms and technologies to the conversation,” said Morgan.

Also new to the team is Emily Bennett, Director of Finance and Human Resources. Bennett has worked in operations for 20 years, developing internal frameworks for companies large and small.

“We build and maintain the necessary structure to allow the delivery team to focus on providing top-of-the-line creativity and service to our clients,” said Bennett.

APPOINTMENTS – Loudr – A Bottom Line Agency expands leadership team

Emily Bennett

Bennett likened building a successful business to building a house, saying: “My job is to help the team methodically build a solid foundation for what will be a free-standing home. This allows our creative teammates to focus energy on external works of art and delivering at the highest level.”

On joining a growth-focused company like Loudr, Bennett said, “They’re versatile, hungry and focused on delivering the highest level of quality. The culture is alive and growth-minded, encouraging people to be collaborative, open and excited. So many wonderful things to come…”

Founded in 2002, Loudr is a curated agency that delivers marketing solutions via a full suite of services. Business owners who are ready to transform their business can learn more about Loudr here.


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