APPOINTMENTS – Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) starts search for new Chairperson


LONDON – The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) has begun its search to find a new Chairperson.

The RJC are looking for the new Chair to steer their team and the growing RJC membership into the future with a clear vision for the changing modern world for the industry, from mine to retail, for fine jewellery and watches.  

The candidate would be following in the footsteps of David Bouffard who steps down on the 30th April 2024 after six years in the role.

It has been an honour to serve as the Chair of the RJC for almost six years – a truly rewarding experience given that I have been involved since the beginning of the RJC, with Signet as a Founding Member. The entire team and the Board of Directors have taken the RJC from a 14-founding member organization when launched in 2005 to one that is growing strong with over 1,700 members to date. 

As we search for a new Chair, I am confident that the RJC has the best leadership for this new era in Melanie Grant, executive director, who brings over 20 years’ experience and is internationally regarded as one of the leading authorities in jewellery. 

I also want to thank our Board of Directors – it was their commitment to our vision, and through their leadership we have the most diverse team in our history, representing Europe, Asia and America, speaking 16 different languages.

Our current international mix of diverse team members and leadership puts us on a certain trajectory that I believe is important towards ensuring we have a strong slate of diverse candidates nominated from around the world – in gender, race, culture, and other diversity factors. Let’s think about it –  if a woman is voted into the Chair, it will be the first female chairperson since the conception of the RJC in 2005.” David Bouffard RJC Chairman 

APPOINTMENTS – Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) starts search for new Chairperson

David Bouffard

This is a special election for the new RJC Chair as it will be held on a separate track from the main board elections with the nomination process beginning from 4th January 2024 until 27th January and with the voting process taking place in February 2024. A new RJC Chair will be elected in March 2024, allowing a month for continuity with the handover from David Bouffard RJC Chairman to his successor.  This is a voluntary position.

APPOINTMENTS – Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) starts search for new Chairperson
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