Jewellery News – Aspire Designs to launch luxury brand Sawel at BASELWORLD


Aspire Designs to launch luxury brand Sawel at BASELWORLD

March, 2014 – Aspire Designs is launching luxury brand Sawel, inspired by the “Soul in Love” and the passion of today’s sophisticated woman, at BASELWORLD.
In a collection focused on Spirit, Sawel features pendants with five different designs, celebrating the desires of metropolitan women: confidence, blossom, wish, love and freedom.

Aspire Designs luxury brand Sawel
“At Sawel, we believe that wearing jewellery is a form of personal expression, a way for women to tell their own stories,” said Aspire Designs’ owner, David Shah.
“The collections offer countless combinations and possibilities, and there are no better ways to celebrate the different qualities and personalities of modern woman.”
The clean lines of this pendant signify the confidence, determination and strong will of modern women.
This pendant, which features a flower in full bloom at the centre, is inspired by the beauty of women.
Aspire Designs blossom pendant
The wavy swirls of this pendant resemble a meteor piercing the blinding sky and signify the endless dreams and wishes of a woman.
Aspire Designs Wavy Swirls Pendant
This kaleidoscope-like pendant serves as a reminder for women that being able to love and be loved is a precious and beautiful thing.
Featuring a pair of wings at the centre, this sparkling pendant reveals one’s desire to break the reins and boundaries, and live with freedom and independence.
Paved with an ensemble of colourful gemstones, each pendant radiates the most dazzling sparkles and brings out the unique beauty of every woman.
With sleek silhouettes and elegant designs, the pendants will easily put every woman at the centre of attention.
Aspire Designs luxury brand Sawel
In another collection focused on Character, Sawel brings flexibility, or mix-and-match, to a new level.
Flexibility is the gist of this collection, as customers are able to choose from a wide range of materials, designs and patterns.
Set in gold, white gold and rose gold, the four rings are bold, majestic pieces which reflect the exquisite taste of the wearer.
The pendants, fringed with a ring of sparkling diamonds, are also indispensable items.
Available in a variety of centerpiece gemstones, including honey quartz, London blue quartz, amethyst, lemon quartz and smoky quartz, the colors of the gemstones are symbols of different styles, moods and temperaments.
The jewels are cut and polished in order to bring out the brightest brilliance of these exceptional pieces.