ASSAY OFFICES – Birmingham Assay Office launches state-of-the-art website


BIRMINGHAM, UK – Birmingham Assay Office has announced the launch of its revamped website, setting a new standard for user-friendly interaction and customer engagement, designed to answer questions and provide useful information as the first phase of their website journey.

The official unveiling took place on January 2nd, 2024, marking a significant stride in the business’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

With a modern and intuitive design, the website prioritises ease of navigation, ensuring that  customers can effortlessly explore the range of services and access the information they need,  providing an enriching experience for customers.

Key Highlights of the New Website:

Modern and Intuitive Design: The website features a contemporary design that not only catches  your eye, but also ensures ease of navigation, allowing customers to seamlessly explore offerings.

Comprehensive Information: The new website houses in-depth details about services, ensuring customers have access to the most current and relevant information.

Enhanced User Experience: The commitment to customer-centricity is evident in the   improved user experience. Navigating the site is now more intuitive, providing a smooth and efficient interaction for clients.

“We believe our new website is a great step forward in our quest to provide quality information for new visitors and customers alike,” said Doug Henry, CEO.

“It not only reflects our commitment to providing service excellence and useful information but also ensures our valued visitors and customers have a seamless and enriching experience finding the insight and answers they need.”

Visit the new website at

ASSAY OFFICES – Birmingham Assay Office launches state-of-the-art website