Sotheby’s Geneva to auction Sun-Drop Diamond


Sotheby’s Geneva to auction Sun-Drop Diamond

GENEVA, October 2011 – Sotheby’s Geneva said it will present in its sale of Magnificent Jewels on November 15, 2011, one of the most impressive diamonds to come to auction in recent years.
The Sun-Drop Diamond, at 110.03 Carats, has been graded Fancy Vivid Yellow, the highest colour grading for a yellow diamond, by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
Sotheby’s Geneva to auction Sun-Drop Diamond

This exceptional stone ranks as the largest known pear-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond in the world, and has a purity of VVS1.
Furthermore, according to the GIA, “a diamond such as the 110.03 carat Sun-Drop can almost be said to exude a magical aura. Its magnificent color combined with impressive size and uncommon cut make it a paragon in the world of diamonds.”
The stone was exhibited earlier this year at London’s Natural History Museum.
The rough for the Sun-Drop Diamond was discovered in South Africa in 2010, and was cut and polished by Cora International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of exceptional diamonds.
This stunning diamond comes to the market with an estimate of $11-15 million.


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