Award winning Designer Brands take centre stage at IJL 2017


Award winning Designer Brands take centre stage at IJL 2017

LONDON, August 25, 2017 – The exclusive Designer Brands feature at IJL this year provides a stunning portfolio of some of the very best of fine and contemporary silver jewellery. Twenty-one designers from the UK, Sweden, Australia, Iceland, Italy Greece, Chile, Sweden and Madagascar, will be presenting new collections alongside their award-winning signature pieces.

Jewellery News These underscore IJL’s unique position, in its 62nd year, as the UK industry show with the most diverse and comprehensive breadth of fine jewellery brands and designers from around the world.

Sam Willoughby, IJL Event Director, comments: “This year’s Designer Brands showcase is a wonderful celebration of the best in creative flair and innovative talent – a truly international portfolio which we are especially proud of.

Jewellery News Inspiringly beautiful pieces, from both new and established designers drawn from the UK and abroad, which are guaranteed to excite buyers from every sector.”

The Designer Brands at this year‘s IJL are (in alphabetical order):

Alex Monroe

Jewellery designer, Alex Monroe, specialises in handmade jewellery inspired by nature and British eccentricity – all designed and created in England. 2017 is the 30th anniversary of his brand and the perfect moment to leaf back through his archive of sketch books which disclose pencil drawings, pressed flowers and scribbled notes revealing his abiding love of nature. This has led to his new ‘The Four Seasons’ collection in silver, yellow gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil finishes, which celebrates his inspirations across the years.

Launched in a series of 4 stories every month from this June to October, ‘Four Seasons’ is something a little different for the brand. The collection evokes the buzzing of the bumble bee amongst the Spring bowers; bird song and wild roses heralding Summer; squirrels collecting acorns amongst the fallen Autumn oak leaves, and as the birds leave for Winter, the hope of their return in a fallen feather left behind.

“IJL has been incredibly important and supportive over the years in helping us grow our business. It’s a great way to talk to people within the industry, as well as meet the great buyers who come each year and check out our jewellery. Our team also makes full use of all the relevant seminars and talks – we’ve done one or two ourselves!” says Alex Monroe, Creative Director.


AMEDEO was founded in 2006 by award winning designer Amedeo Scognamiglio, who is also the co-founder of the fine jewellery brand, Faraone Mennella. The 6th generation of an artistic manufacturing family tradition, Amedeo started carving cameos in his home town of Torre Del Greco in Italy. All his creations are hand-crafted, re-interpreting the centuries-old tradition of the art of cameos through original whimsical designs, contemporary adaptations of Victorian references, and edgy creativity. His cameos are principally made from two kinds of sea shells – Cornelian and Sardonyx – although some collections also feature turquoise and black lava cameos. His designs are all set in sterling silver and plated in either rose or black rhodium, with a mix of gemstones including diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites.

The new AMEDEO collection being unveiled at IJL 2017 is a mélange of old-world artistry and contemporary fashion. Amedeo’s love for hand carved cameos is rocked by a modern sensibility from his fashion forward lifestyle in New York, London, and Capri, where his flagship boutiques are located. His unstoppable appetite for originality and creativity leads to a happy whimsical design aesthetic which blends Pop, punk and heritage, making Amedeo’s jewellery a hot trend of the season.

“Carving Cameos and creating inspiring contemporary collections with them is a way for me to keep my 160 year old family tradition alive, and to preserve an ancient art otherwise destined to disappear. This is not my “job”: it’s my mission!” says Amedeo Scognamiglio.


Multi-award winning since 2014, Anchor & Crew combines naval heritage with modern style and vision. Inspired by mechanical and nautical objects such as anchors and sails, industrial designs of the past are reworked into contemporary unisex accessories, jewellery and lifestyle pieces in leather, rope and silver. New collections being launched this year include the Custom concept of personalised bracelet designs; the Wayfarer collection of sophisticated yet youthful bangles; the Sail collection which is their latest ‘architecturally inspired’ wrist accessory in various naval chains, expanding their signature layering range; six new rope and leather bracelet collections, and the introduction of ‘Explorer’ lifestyle pieces.

“Being at IJL is paramount to ANCHOR & CREW, a brand that is proudly hand-manufactured in Great Britain, with our studio strategically located in the Midlands, home to some of the best of British manufacturing. We see IJL as an essential event to attract foreign buyers. Our international (and domestic) sales are really going from strength to strength, and 2017 is a unique year as Brexit begins to really attract British exports. To illustrate how much the brand has grown, ANCHOR & CREW has recently passed its target of serving a customer in 85 different countries. Exciting times ahead!” observes Chris Warner, Director.

ANAKAO Jewellery

Born out of a 50-year tradition of jewellery making, ANAKAO is the epitome of refined jewellery design and high-quality craftsmanship. Each item is timeless, transcending fashion trends and offering an ageless nugget of luxury. Gemstones are carefully selected for their colour and clarity – no stone goes unturned, no angle is forgotten. Each gemstone is cut with its own unique faceting pattern and then polished to reveal its individual beauty. Innovative and modern techniques are combined with long-standing artisanal traditions learnt from previous generations. This unification gives ANAKAO jewellery its identity – bold, desirable, original, enduring and pure. Collections include Devoted, Enchanted and Allure in earrings, rings bracelets and necklaces.

“IJL is a key show in the UK, where we have the opportunity to interact with all the key actors in the industry. The timing is also ideal for retailers to re-stock for Christmas,” says Vinay Soudakar, CEO, ANAKAO Jewellery.

Andrew Geoghegan

Following on from the brand’s acclaimed French inspired designs of 2016, the headlining theme for the IJL 2017 launch is the golden age of Portuguese exploration. These new creations, all British-made, will add to this continuously flourishing and award winning collection. Within the IJL17 launches, amidst all the sumptuous design details expected from Andrew Geoghegan, will be a notable focus on commerciality. This, in part, will be centred around entry level engagement rings but also a broader strategy which will be announced.

Andrew Geoghegan states: “IJL has become our perfect platform for launches, nurturing new and established stockists and also revealing new strategies as we intend to do this year. Last year’s show was nothing short of phenomenal for the brand so naturally we are very excited about this year’s show.”

Astley Clarke

British Jewellery brand Astley Clarke, known for quality, fine and contemporary jewellery that is design focused, refined and easy-to-wear, blasts off at IJL with their first three collections by the new Creative Director, Dominic Jones, the hip-favourite of US  Vogue’s Anna Wintour. His triptych collection takes ‘light’ as its central theme, navigating between three interconnected groups: Astronomy, Phototaxis and Colour of Calder – an interstellar odyssey of jewellery innovation.

“IJL provides exposure to a wide portfolio of high calibre retailers, from both the UK and overseas. It allows us to meet with our current UK stockists and helps to facilitate opening new accounts. We would recommend IJL to jewellery brands who are looking to network and grow their distribution”, explains Helen Jones, Head of Wholesale, Astley Clarke.


Founded in 2014 by St Central St Martins graduate, Kate Rodgers, Auren is a young British designer brand creating demi-fine contemporary jewellery with a sense of fun and modernity. Her jewellery combines semi-precious rose cut gemstones with sapphires and diamond pave, set within 18ct gold vermeil – with a focus on the use of sustainable quality materials and playful, versatile design with a dash of decadence. Her collections which feature fresh interpretations of classic jewellery themes are stocked by high-end retailers such as Fortnum & Mason and John Lewis.

Kate will be launching ‘Kaleidoscope’ at IJL, a 30-piece jewellery collection made from 18k gold vermeil with an array of iridescent moonstone, Brazilian amethyst, blue topaz, lemon topaz, green amethyst and chrysoprase gemstones.

Kate Rodgers, Creative Director and Founder, comments: “This season we tap into fashion’s current trend of playing with scale and re-imagining traditional jewellery items. We are breaking the classical rules with our shoulder grazing Paradigm cocktail earrings yet honing our signature style of contemporary opulence with our key jewel tones necklaces with sapphire accents. IJL has been paramount in connecting us with independent retailers and jewellers across the UK. Not only do we value the platform it creates for showcasing our brand, but also opportunity to be part of this wonderful, broad jewellery making community brought together by the show.”

Aurum by Guðbjörg

Award winning jewellery brand Aurum by Guðbjörg, is inspired by the Icelandic environment and is known for its creative and individualistic vision. Established in 1999, the brand is famed for its expertly handcrafted sterling silver designs which are created in the company‘s integrated workshop in Reykjavik, Icelend. The design process incorporates sustainable principles throughout, such as sourcing only recycled re-refined precious metals and packaging materials. Aurum by Guðbjörg’s work has been exhibited in leading galleries in both New York and Italy.

The brand is launching new pieces in their latest collection which maintain the intricate balance of contemporary and elegant sophistication. Aurum’s latest collection, Asterias, is inspired by the currents of the ocean meeting the raw landscape of the Westfjords.
“Being at IJL is incredibly important for a growing international business, as it is an opportunity to showcase our latest designs to an audience from all over the world. I like meeting our current and potential customers in person and being able to tell them about my designs and create a personal connection. We are a small company so we value meeting people and building a relationships with them,”explains Guðbjörg Kr. Ingvarsdóttir, Jewellery designer at Aurum by Guðbjörg.

Dower & Hall

Founded by British design duo, Dan Dower & Diane Hall, over 25 years ago, Dower & Hall create exceptional hand-crafted, innovative fine jewellery in sterling silver, yellow and rose gold vermeil with colourful cocktail jewels. Each piece is designed to become a treasured favourite. They are showing their successful Nomad, Orissa and Dewdrop collections, alongside the new Luna Pearl and Twinkle ranges, as well as their collectible Christmas Tree charms, which this year features the owl as the signature motif.

Diane Hall, Founder, says: “Dower & Hall have been exhibiting and introducing new collections at IJL for 20 years and this year we’re thrilled to be once again in the historical London venue of Olympia for the new season.”

Drakenberg Sjölin

Drakenberg Sjölin, a Swedish brand, launched in 2009, has become renowned for its pure and ‘mindful’ jewellery inspired by the timeless elegance of Nordic nature and Scandi-minimalism. Their collections are created from 925 silver, 18k gold and diamonds, to reflect the Scandinavian seasons of light and darkness. The deliberate details with the asymmetrical shapes create a raw elegance and a delicate balance. The jewellery is designed for comfort and simplicity, and reflects both strength and elegant fragility. They enunciate a strong and personal, yet an elegant and classical look depending on the wearers styling of choice. In the second year at IJL, the brand is launching their new diamond collection – Infinity – specifically designed to make diamond jewellery more accessible. The collection consists of rings, necklaces, earring and bracelets with diamonds set in circles, available in both 18ct and 925 silver. Drakenberg is also showcasing several new silver collections with their familiar strong design language – minimalistic and clean shapes for every occasion.

Ellen Sjölin, CEO, Drakenberg Sjölin, comments: “Each collection tells its own story to make the pieces personal for the wearer. Since we first started working with diamonds in 2014, we have been able to appeal to a whole new customer. Our pieces are designed for our customers to create their own memories. IJL is a way for us to connect with the international market. It’s the perfect place for new business and expansion and we always meet such inspiring people. We love to see our brand spread across Europe and it’s also amazing to see how the interest for Scandinavian design seems to constantly grow. We can’t wait for September!”

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

UKJA Designer of the Year 2016, Fei Liu is acclaimed for his undeniably unique aesthetic which celebrates the beauty of femininity. This British brand exudes colour, innovation and sensual personality. At IJL 2017 Fei Liu is unveiling two new collections inspired by their bespoke jewellery, which translate the luxury aspect into accessible ranges. The first features the blue hues of lapis lazuli, inspired by the mysterious and romantic aura of the Autumn night. The second references the graceful movements of rhythmic gymnastics. The names of the collections, however, are still a secret but will be unveiled in a special social media campaign and exciting competition to win a piece (twitter address), in conjunction with IJL. In addition, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery has expanded their best-selling collections, by injecting red hues into their Shooting Star range, adding to the existing blue topaz, citrine and amethyst, whilst the classic Serenity and Winter Wonderland Snowflake collections have the extra charm of drops of lustrous pearls.

Fei Liu explains: “We have taken part in IJL for many years and each show has been a special and fantastic experience for us. Being part of IJL means we able to connect and build relationships.”

Grew & Co

Grew & Co is an intriguing Australian family jewellery house which combines non-traditional jewellery materials with the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane – a decorative layering of coloured precious metal resembling wood grain. All pieces are designed and crafted in their Sydney studio with every stage of production being carried out in-house. An emphasis on quality, execution and customer satisfaction, is the cornerstone of the business. The collections at IJL are focussed towards the growing niche market of The Millennials, young jewellery customers looking for a point of difference and with a greater appreciation of the process in crafting each piece. The beautiful collection of wedding bands reflects warm colour tones and earthly textured surfaces, combining rich golds with the dramatic shade of tantalum. Their new Tantalum and Mokume Gane ring represents a contemporary addition to the bridal and wedding ring offering.

“Our aim is to bring finely crafted, Australian-made product to the UK and Europe, with fresh designs and material alternatives. IJL is important for Grew & Co being an upcoming international brand, the show provides exposure and access to the UK buyers looking for a unique product for a growing millennial clientele,” says Gabrielle Grew.

JMG Designer

JMG Designer is a contemporary jewellery house. José María Goñi is the founder of the business and the creative designer of the contemporary designer jewellery at JMG Designer. His pieces are high-end jewellery. The pieces are made of 18k white, rose, yellow gold, rubellite, ruby, tourmaline, spinel sapphires, diamond and other.

Linda Macdonald Jewellery

Established in 1996, Linda Macdonald’s award-winning silver and gold creations are designed and made in Scotland, inspired by nature and romance. The new collection, for Autumn 2017 entitled ‘Secret Garden’, captures the essence of romantic story-telling, with beautiful meadow scenes in silver with a hint of gold – all reflecting special moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Linda Macdonald comments: “IJL has been such an important exhibition for us as a business. We have been exhibiting for nearly 20 years and consistently feel that the show delivers new customers, is well-attended and well-organised. Being based in Scotland means that we are far away from the majority of our stockists, so the location of the show is vital for us to see and meet customers and buyers from all over the world who appreciate the fact that our jewellery tells a story.”

Lola Rose London

Designed by Nikki Gewirtz MBE, Lola Rose London is a by-word for bold, colourful statement jewellery, hand-crafted using the most beautiful gem stones. This year the company is excited to introduce their SS18 Sterling Silver Curio collection which encapsulates the idea of intriguing collectible objects – jewels which are the epitome of everyday luxury, designed to be worn, treasured and above all, loved. The SS18 palette encompasses the violet hues of amethyst and the opulent blue of lapis lazuli through to the softer tones of white opal and aquamarine, transformed by the natural beauty of bezel-set diamonds.Nikki Gewirtz MBE and Creative Director & Founder of Lola Rose London, observes:”IJL gives us the opportunity to exhibit in a unique, curated environment and to beautifully showcase our collections.”Lucy Quartermaine

An award winning young English contemporary designer and silversmith based in Cheshire, Lucy is the NAJ’s Designer of the Year 2016, a 2017 finalist in the UK Jewellery Awards for E-Tailer of the Year, and was also voted in the UK’s prestigious TOP 100 Jewellery Designers as a trend setter. Her organic, fluid designs are instantly recognisable and have won a legion of fans worldwide, due to the outstanding quality of her highly polished, sterling silver creations. Her pieces can be seen on numerous A list British and US Celebrities and in many glossy magazines, including Red and Vogue.

Lucy will be showing her new collections and extension pieces to her Drip and Elements ranges, as well as her new Waterfall designs and stunning new Mini Splash designs based on her ever popular Splash collection. These echo the striking larger pieces, but in miniature – replicating the splash of water droplets as they fall.

“Exhibiting at IJL is incredibly important for us as it is the pinnacle of all the trade shows. We have made many new, top quality contacts in the past and have high hopes for 2017.  We’ll be presenting many new pieces which we hope will impress the many buyers who flock to the exhibition,” says Lucy Quartermaine, Founder and Managing Director.MANJA Jewellery

MANJA is a London-based jewellery brand that carries the colour and fire of Madagascar in its heart. Launched in 2014 by three brothers, MANJA, which means beauty, is inspired by an extraordinary Madagascan family heritage in jewellery design dating back five generations. Their jewellery combines colourful exoticism and sophistication, bringing the energy and fire of Madagascar to the cosmopolitan, urbane woman. Their collections features semi?precious gemstones in vibrant tropical colours in refined, elegant sterling silver settings. Using only the highest quality materials, MANJA creates wearable and enduring pieces that can be cherished forever. Collections include Soa, Orana, Kintana and Selatra using rhodium?plated sterling silver, gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil and ruthenium-plated sterling silver.

Vikram Santilal, Operations Director, MANJA Jewellery observes: “Being at IJL is important for us as it allows us to meet all our stockists in one place and showcase our latest collections.”

MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery

These visually compelling jewellery pieces and innovative architectural sculptures are designed to provide flexible solutions through a multitude of looks. Designer Myriam Soseilos speaks to the digital age with her designs, highlighted by her three times award-winning Transformers’ Collection which includes jewellery with different capabilities, and stackable and bespoke pieces. At IJL, Myriam is extending the Transformers concept with the launch of a ring inspired by the pomegranate, a homage to her Greek heritage and a three piece set which can be transformed into over 20 different looks. The set comprises of a pair of earrings, a choker and a ring and is the ultimate in design innovation and flexibility. In addition, she will be debuting a new futuristic collection, ‘Otherworldly’.

Some of her important and successful collaborations include the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club’s (RREC), Candy Crush Mobile App, and TEDxRoma. As part of this, MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery has expanded rapidly during the past few years from London to Rome, New York, Dubai, Cyprus and Asia.

“Being at IJL is very important for me as it gives me the opportunity to meet a fantastic range of UK and international buyers and retailers that I would not normally come across. It also provides me with an excellent environment in which to do business. So I am really looking forward to this year’s show!” says Myriam Soseilos.Rachel Galley Jewellery Design

The talented Rachel Galley, who specialises in sterling silver with rhodium overlay, is using IJL as the launch-pad for 10 new ranges, some of which will be limited edition, alongside her best-selling collections, such as Globe, Allegro and Warp, to which she has added solid 18k gold pieces.

The new collections feature gemstones set with her signature latticework in stunning collars, bracelets and earrings. Rachel has also created an engraveable collection to allow customers to add their very own personal message or special initials and dates, to their chosen pieces. There are new additions too in more geometric forms which Rachel has combined with the latticework to create unique eye-catching and tactile jewellery, as well as chunky statement rings, cuffs-bangles and collars. Rachel has also expanded  her first ever collection, Globe, with elegant editions that incorporate linear highlights contrasting with the latticework details.

Rachel Galley says: “IJL is an important show to showcase new product launches in person to the wide audience that attend. I am excited to be able to present such a wide and varied new range this year.”

Sheila Fleet

Fine hand-crafted jewellery designed and made in the Workshop by the Sea in the Orkney Islands in the far North of Scotland, is the hallmark of leading Scottish designer, Sheila Fleet, OBE. Sheila’s jewellery and rings are known for their distinctive designs and vibrant enamel colours. This season, Sheila is very much on trend with the introduction of her new colourful Lunar Bright collection, which mirrors one of the S/S18 ‘Chase the Rainbow’ style and jewellery trends. Influenced by the ancient art of our Neolithic ancestors, Lunar Bright, which enhances the existing Lunar collection, features brilliantly deep new enamel colours on a reticulated sterling silver surface. This surface illuminates the intricate new enamel colours Sheila has developed particularly well, as does the dish-shaped design. Lunar Bright offers four new colours – Hot Pink, Spring Green, Light Tropical and Lichen – alongside the original Lunar Blue, enamels in the soft colours of Champagne and Mill Sands, and a handset pearl as Lunar Pearl.

Martin Fleet, Managing Director, Sheila Fleet Jewellery, explains: “We look forward to attending IJL every year. It a great opportunity for us to meet up with our trade customers, show them our new designs and discuss future business.  We enjoy the busy, thriving atmosphere of the Show and the excellent organization. The Catwalk is always a highlight and this year we’re excited to introduce statement pieces with intense new enamel colours.  We think these will be very popular for Christmas gifts. Like all our jewellery and rings we have designed, developed and made these new enamel colours in our Workshop on the Orkney Islands.”

V Jewellery

Inspired by jewellery that has survived the test of time, V was created in 2013 by British designer Laura Vann after joining her father’s long established jewellery business. Juxtaposing her decadent stone set pieces with a crisp and simple aesthetic, Laura transforms traditional jewellery into something chic and casual, whilst maintaining longevity in its overall design. Laura has been praised for filling a gap in the market for women who no longer want throwaway jewellery but do not buy fine jewellery regularly. The V high fashion brand has quickly evolved and is stocked by only the finest jewellers and fashion boutiques world-wide, including in the UK, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and The Shop at Bluebird. Laura’s sterling silver and precious and semi-precious stones jewellery, have become a ‘must have’ for the A List, with high profile fans, including Katy Perry, January Jones, FKA Twigs and Ellie Goulding.

V is launching at IJL a new collection based around the use of hand-carved black agate, which is rich and decadent, with a Parisian ‘air’, echoed by the names given to each piece, such as the Garence pendent, Carine and Marion chokers (which can also be extended to short necklaces) and the Matilde, Daphne and Chloe statement earrings.

“IJL provides a brilliant platform for brands to showcase their offering to both current and new stores. Unlike many other exhibitions, buyers come to IJL with a mind-set to invest in collections and this makes the exhibition self-fulfilling and truly worthwhile,” says Laura Vann, Creative Director.

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