Babette Wasserman opens pocket shop in Dubai


Babette Wasserman opens pocket shop in Dubai

DUBAI, February 14, 2014 – London-based jewellery brand Babette Wasserman is preparing for its official opening in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, one of the most upmarket malls in Dubai, on February 26.
The Babette Wasserman boutique has had a soft launch since late last year, and has seen strong demand for its silver women’s jewellery and men’s cufflinks at affordable price points.
Saudi visitors have been keen buyers of Babette Wasserman women’s jewellery this year.
Babette Wasserman opens pocket shop in Dubai

Jacob Chacko, business development director of Arabian Marketing Corporation (AMC), which is responsible for the launch of Babette Wasserman in Dubai, said that the rush for brands is still strong in Dubai.
“People in Dubai are very brand conscious,” Chacko told Jewellery Outlook.
“They travel a lot, and see brands when they travel. They see new brands, and they want to have the same experience at home in Dubai.”
Chaco added, “People in the United Arab Emirates are becoming more sophisticated. They are not into ‘bling bling.’”


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